63 years since the launch of Barbie, the most famous doll in the world

The Barbie doll over the years has had multiple jobs and careers.

Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

In short, a toy that has completely permeated the world, it is barbie doll, which in the United States has its own National Day, being an inspiration for many young people for decades.

Veterinarian, journalist, astronaut or president, Barbie has done it all, has 150 races and today turns 63 since its launch.

Mattel introduced this iconic doll at the New York Toy Fair in 1959. She was 29 cm tall, had her hair done up in a high ponytail, and a slender figure in a black and white striped strapless swimsuit.

In addition, she was made up, had golden earrings and heart-shaped lips.

The idea for this doll came from Ruth Handler, wife of one of the owners of Mattel, Elliot Handler. She assured that she was inspired when she saw her daughter Barbara playing with a paper doll.

In the 1960s, this doll was influenced by the style of Jackie Kennedy with magnificent evening gowns and a “bubble cut” hairstyle, as well as curly tails with fringe. At the same time, She already had multiple professions: dancer, stewardess, nurse and astronaut.

Barbie’s ideal boyfriend, Ken, appeared in 1961, had its own looks and professions. Between 1964 and 1966 she was cast as her younger sister Skipper, then twins Tutti and Todd, and then as her best friend Midge.

At the end of the 60s they arrived with the style of Op Art and psychedelia as well and Barbie was not far behind with her “Twist n’Turn” style. the first model with a waist that moved to the rhythm of the “twis and shout”.

This doll continued to be all the rage, now with the launch “Talking Barbie”, who spoke in English and Spanish.

The 70’s arrived and with it a new image for this doll, barbie malibu She hit the market in a simple sky-blue swimsuit, straight hair, and an amazing tan. In addition, with new professions such as: golfer, tennis player, camping, snorkeling and skiing.

The 80’s arrived and Barbie is renewed again now with the motto “We can do it all girls, right, Barbie?”and the famous day and night looks, ‘Day-to-Night Barbie’.

With buckles, you fit, hair full of volume and neon colors, 1980s Barbie was heavily influenced by Madonna.

The first African-American and Latino Barbies also came out. Then Mattel launched the collection of “Dolls of the World” where Barbie was dressed in different traditional costumes.

“Totally Hair Barbie” born in the 90s, she had super long hair that could be cut, styled, braided and more.

The Haute Couture of the time also inspired Barbie, the popular and talented designer Bob Mackie was in charge of dressing heras well as Vera Wang, Dior, Vesace, Calvin Klein, MAC and much more.

The new millennium transformed Barbie to inspire the new generations. Crop tops, highlights in the hair, and short skirts were all the rage.

In 2014, Barbie made another mark by starring on the cover of Sport Illustrated, showing that her empire continued. Now they designed the doll with all kinds of bodies and all skin.

In turn, Barbie began to honor those women who marked history through their work as Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, and Katherine Johnson.

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