64-year-old TikToker goes viral with her 24-year-old husband: criticism rains down on them

the influencer of TikTok Cheryl McGregor, 64, unleashed a phenomenon viral after introducing his followers to her husband Quran McCain, who is 40 years her junior.

The couple has not hesitated to share a good number of videos where they are seen enjoying a relationship like any other, despite the negative comments of some users.

The case is the opposite of adolescents who make their love public and are scolded by their parents, because here the curious thing, or perhaps morbid, is that Cheryl is usually confused with her husband’s grandmother, in addition to the fact that they have been jailed for fraud.

TikToker shows off her boyfriend 40 years younger

TikTok: @oliver6060. TikTok: @oliver6060

The couple, originally from Rome, in Georgia, met in 2012 when McCain was 15 years old. Both of them they worked in a restaurant and they were not in a relationship. They lost contact for a few years and fate made them reconnect in 2020.

After much opposition from their respective families, they managed to get married at the end of 2021 in a fairly intimate ceremony. A video in which they appear kissing with background audio with the phrase “I will always choose you” earned them harsh criticism.

TikTok: @oliver6060 TikTok: @oliver6060.

“That is necrophilia”, “He is using you” and “This seems from the Deep Web” are some comments that users have made about his video.

McCain, whose TikTok account is @Kingqurannewpage, has more than 839,000 followers on the video social network, while his partner is better known on the platform as Queen Cheryl and has more than 1.2 million followers.

TikTok: @oliver6060.

As you have been able to find out AmericanPost.News, the couple has started posting content from their joint TikTok account, @oliver6060, where they often share videos of dances, trends, and challenges.

The unique relationship between these two influencers has given much to talk about in the network, and not only because of their ages. Last year, Quran was arrested for intentionally causing numerous accidents over the past four years to benefit from his car insurance.

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