7 things you should know about their service

When you want to save on prescription drugs, the Costco pharmacy could be the solution. The pharmacy department at the chain bodega club offers a full range of prescription drugs, along with over-the-counter medications, health, remedies, durable medical equipment and more. In this article, we’ll take a look at Costco pharmacy prices, refills, pet medications, and more.

The Costco Pharmacy: Prices, Prescriptions, Refills and More, What You Need to Know.

There are no shortage of places to go when you need prescription drugs. But there are a few compelling reasons why you would want Costco Pharmacy to be the pharmacy of your choice for you and your family.

1. You don’t have to be a member to buy prescription drugs


First and foremost, by law, the Costco pharmacy is open to anyone who requires it. In practice, that means, in most states. So you don’t normally have to be a member to go to the Costco pharmacy. In the era of high prescription drug prices, Costco typically has low drug costs. If you’re looking to cut down on those prescription drug expenses, the bodega club can be a good place to start, and you don’t necessarily have to pay an annual membership fee to save. Some even have a separate entrance for non-members that leads directly to the pharmacy. Call your local store to verify before heading out.

2. Costco pharmacy prices are very competitive

A few employees of a pharmacy smiling and looking at medicines

In 2018, Consumer Reports had mystery shoppers call more than 150 pharmacies across the country to get prices for a month’s supply of five generic prescription drugs:

  • Pioglitazone, Diabetes drug (generic Actos, 30 mg)
  • Celecoxib, pain reliever (generic Celebrex, 200 mg)
  • Duloxetine, antidepressant (generic Cymbalta, 20 mg)
  • Atorvastatin, cholesterol medicine (generic Lipitor, 20 mg)
  • Clopidogrel, blood thinner (generic Plavix, 75 mg)

As you can see, Costco was the second cheapest option from a variety of brand name and independent pharmacies. Although HealthWarehouse.com was cheaper, not everyone wants or has the luxury of waiting for prescription drugs to arrive in the mail from an internet pharmacy. Like a free entry pharmacy. Costco remains a viable competitive option. That’s especially true if you’re a member, because you can save even more money by taking advantage of the services we’ve outlined below.

3. Join the Costco Member Prescription Drug Program (CMPP) for extra savings.

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Low prices at the Costco pharmacy can go even lower with the Costco Member Presciption Program (CMPP). The CMPP, which is free to join for Costco members, It is not refundable. There is no refund when you buy prescription drugs. What you get instead are discounts on all prescription drugs and some over-the-counter. But again, you should be a Costco member to join this program. (More on that in a moment). So how much exactly will you save with CMPP? Here are some selected discounts as noted on the Costco site in early 2019:

Bayer Contour Next Strips100$ 45.07
Bupropion XL 150mg Tab90$ 30.76
Dilantin 100mg Cap90$ 66.04
Humulin N U-1001$ 154.99
ProAir RespiClick1$ 37.38
Rosuvastatin 20mg Tab90$ 40.99
Viagra 100mg Tab10$ 151.53
Victoza Pen 18mg / 3ml2$ 624.36

You can see more potential savings here. “The amount of any reduced price is determined at the time of purchase.” Point out Costco on their website. “Savings range from 2% to 40% or more depending on the drug.” Joining is easy – just fill out the simple registration available at any Costco pharmacy. Have additional questions? Read the Frequently Asked Questions about the Member Prescription Program here.

4. Costco’s pharmacy auto-fill program is good

A pharmacy clerk checking medications

Costco offers an auto-refill program so you never have to ask to have your prescription filled again. Just go to the Costco Prescription Refill Prescription page or the Prescription Status page. That is where you will be able to place a credit card for future billings. From there, you can set individual recipes to self-fill by clicking “on” (or “off”) in the auto-fill column. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get an email 72 hours before any recipe is scheduled to ship. You will have to confirm by email or phone for your medication or medications to be shipped.

5. Costco Pharmacy Prices for Pet Meds Are Worth Watching


In addition to medicine for humans, Costco has great prices on medicine for pets. There are two ways you can get pet prescription drugs at the Costco pharmacy. If your pet is already taking medication, just take the bottle or tube to the pharmacy during your next visit. An employee will discuss pricing and availability with you and help arrange for your vet to transfer the prescription. If your pet is starting a new medication, have your pet’s office send the prescription directly to the Costco pharmacy.

6. Costco offers a full service immunization travel program in participating areas.


For $ 39.99, Costco will prepare you to travel to exotic destinations around the world. The Costco Pharmacy provides a full service travel consultation program, including a comprehensive evaluation by a qualified travel physician. This program is currently available in participating areas in California, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. All the details are available here.

7. The Costco pharmacy is accredited by VIPPS

Photo of pharmacy clerk checking medications

VIPPS (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites) certification is a hallmark of any pharmacy that is good, and Costco has it. This accreditation tells you that the pharmacy in question has passed rigorous investigation by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. If you are ever comparing prescription drug prices online, make sure your chosen pharmacy is accredited by VIPPS. That is one way to distinguish a legitimate internet pharmacy from one that is not.

Final notes

If you’re looking for ways to save money on prescription drug costs, the Costco pharmacy is a good place to start shopping. The best part is, you don’t have to be a member to take advantage of the savings!