7 types of tech tools every small business owner should apply

It’s 2022, and we all know how easy it is to set up a small business and observe great sales. The impact of technology on business has become quite vast, and this modern era has truly proved it.

For a beginner, the hustle is real when you are required to meet your day-to-day tasks, draft proposals for clients, manage emails, virtual meetings, and other coordinating tasks. Fortunately, you have plenty of technology tools that will be a helping hand in your business and can manage things more effectively.

So, if you are a business owner and looking forward to scaling it, then you must be aware of the basic business tech tools mentioned below:

7 Tech Tools for Small Business Owners

1. Email Marketing:

You have got to sell your product in a catchy style. So, if you genuinely want to observe great sales, email marketing is the most suitable option, and you will be stunned by the results. Email marketing campaigns do make an impact on your customer base as you always keep them updated on your latest sales and promotions that you can avail.

Once your customer is hooked, then there is no going back. The best and most convenient email marketing tool you can find online is Mail Chimp. This software deserves all the appreciation.

2. Project Management Tools:

Another essential small business tool you need to add to your list is the project management tool. A real work juggler can vouch for the importance and how it can help you manage your day-to-day tasks and meetings more effectively.

With such a hectic schedule, attending every meeting can become quite challenging. So, an efficient Call Recording app can come in handy. You can conveniently record your calls and then re-listen to them later.

The function of this tool is to remind you of your tasks and events and track your daily activities, submissions, and forthcoming events. So, if you are looking for a suitable project management tool, then Trello is the best option.

3. Customer Manager Relationship:

Another best tool for small enterprises is the customer manager relation software or CRM. This tool provides you with a central repository that will help you keep track, manage and navigate through the activities of your customer.

Scale your business and manage things more effectively with CRM software such as Hubspot or Salesforce.

4. E-signature Tools:

This is the best tech tool for all remote workers. The e-signature tool comes in handy when your client demands to sign a contract or Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) form. This tool is user-friendly, and you’ll only have to upload the document along with the email address of the required person. After that, your employee will receive an email in his inbox.

And you know what makes an e-signature tool the best? It is a paperless feature and eco-friendliness. They prove this importance geographically as well where the employees are working from around the globe.

If you’re gonna start your hunt for the best e-signature tool, let us save you some time and get yourself this great software called DocuSign.

5. Accounting Software:

Managing your finances while running a business is quite hectic. So, accounting software will play the role of an accountant or a bookkeeper in such scenarios. This is a must-have tech tool in your business as it helps keep track of invoices, expenses, claims, and taxes.

In this regard, Quickbooks Online is the best option to go for. This software is easy-to-use and can be integrated with other apps as well.

6. Time Tracking Software For Employees:

Time tracking software that is accurate and efficient for employees is an essential component of every thriving organization. A program that tracks employee time may assist you in monitoring how much time employees spend working on a project.

In addition, it determines the working hours based on the times the employee punches in and out. The notion of manually recording time is not good since it requires more effort, and there is always the possibility of human mistakes.

The HR department needs to implement a cutting-edge time tracking system that assists in preparing a schedule detailing the amount of time staff will spend on a particular project. In addition, it helps calculate the effectiveness and output of every employee.

Clickup is the best time tracking software you can have for your business.

7. Documentation Storage Software:

If you run a business like 99.999% of other enterprises, you will have to develop and maintain a few papers at some time. You may use them to generate and preserve documents like bylaws, budgets, letters, and proposals.

Here documentation software comes to your rescue and saves time. Thanks to these digital technologies, everyone can work from an identical copy of the same document. For one thing, it keeps the e-mail accounts of everyone on the team from being cluttered with various versions of the same document.


Owning a business without an online presence in this technological era will provide you with no good. Handling a business solo is no joke. You have to manage daily meeting calls and business emails. Also, sometimes it’s impossible to attend every call. So, with the help of modern call recording apps, you can easily record calls and listen to them in your spare time.

Keeping your business in a disciplined manner will boost productivity that will, as result, drive great sales.