7-year-old boy steals his parents’ car to go to the store and causes an accident

Great mobilization caused a 7 year old boyafter steal your parents car to go to the store for a morning treat, which ended in a road accident and with an investigation against the parents.

The events were recorded in USAwhen the little boy named Daniel Wittenbach woke up with a craving for a icy so without hesitation he took the keys to his parents’ truck while they were sleeping and tried to drive to the store.

According to local media, the little I couldn’t reach any of the pedals, so he had no vehicle control. Fortunately, he was able to put the truck in “Drive” and start inching forward until it took flight. However, upon meeting traffic he caused a road accident.

Investigate parents of child who stole car and caused accident

The parents’ vehicle had a camera on board, so after the events they were able to see what happened in detail. In the recording you can see how the minor leaves the streets of his neighborhood and goes to a larger avenue which they manage to cross without problem until he meets a oncoming traffic.

Fortunately, the other drivers noticed that a child was behind the wheel, so they formed a kind of “barrier” to have the vehicle. Finally, Daniel crashed head-on into a truck. Fortunately, he was not injured.

However, the United States Department of Children’s Services opened an investigation against the child’s parents in order to find out what happened. For their part, the parents of the little one reported for local media that they always pay attention to Daniel so they never thought that something like this would happen while they slept.

What can cause a vehicle accident?

Human factors are the cause of the highest percentage of traffic accidents

Human factors are the cause of the highest percentage of traffic accidents According to the National Security Commission, among the main ones is driving under the influence of alcohol, medicines and narcotics, as well as reckless maneuvers. In the case of boy who stole his parents car and caused an accident, the vehicle was in automatic mode. In AmericanPost.News We recommend: Police reassure a child who has just suffered an accident.

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