8 states recall Minute Maid products for containing metal parts

8 states recall Minute Maid products for containing metal parts

So far, the authorities have not reported any health problems

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The Coca Cola Company announced that it is recalling certain products from its Minute Maid line due to the possibility that they may contain metal objects such as bolts that could be harmful to consumers’ health.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the recalled products were distributed in the states of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Maine and New Jersey.

There is concern on the part of the FDA and the company that consumers may have the products without consuming at home because its expiration date is long, in most cases it extends until 2022 according to Coca Cola.

Neither the federal authorities nor Coca Cola have disclosed whether there are any effects on consumers, but it is important that those who consume Minute Maid products do not ingest them due to the danger they pose to health.

Recalled products

1. Minute Maid Berry Punch, 59 Fl. Oz. (1.8 QT) 1.75 L.

2. Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade, 59 Fl. Oz. (1.8 Qt) 1.75L.

3. Minute Maid Fruit Punch, 59 oz. oz. (1.8 QT) 1.75 L.

According to medical reports from MedlinePlus, if too much metal enters the body through food or drinking contaminated liquids, the consumer can present heavy metal poisoning, in this specific case, the cause would be the bolts in the products of Minute Maid.

Heavy metal poisoning can lead to serious health problemssuch as organ damage, behavior changes, and difficulties with thinking and memory. In case someone has ingested any of these drinks, they should undergo a heavy metal blood test to determine the possible impact on their health.

It is recommended that people who come to have any of these three products, in addition to not consuming them, report it as soon as possible to the local office of the Food and Drug Administration, who will be able to give you information regarding the steps to follow.

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