82-year-old woman pronounced dead at Water’s Edge Rehab resurrects at O.B. Davis funeral home in Long Island

An elderly woman has apparently been "resurrected" after being transported to a funeral home on Long Island. Upon discovering that she was still breathing, they took her to a hospital, while the unusual case was referred to the NY State Attorney's Office

An elderly woman apparently “resuscitated” after being transported to a Long Island (NY) funeral home this weekend.

The bizarre case unfolded when the 82-year-old woman was pronounced dead at 11:15 a.m. Saturday at “Water’s Edge Rehab and Nursing Center” in Port Jefferson. But after being transported to O.B. Davis Funeral Home in Miller Place, she was found breathing shortly after 2 p.m.

The funeral home staff made the shocking discovery and then took the unidentified octogenarian to an area hospital, Suffolk County police said.

It is unclear whether the woman was mistakenly declared dead or experienced a medical episode that may have contributed to her apparent resurrection, the New York Post noted. The unusual case was referred to the New York State Attorney General’s Office. The Long Island funeral home did not immediately comment.

We do not have the name of the woman at this point. The O.B. Davis Funeral Home stated for ABC-7 that they would not release any further comments on the matter out of respect for the privacy of the family.

In a similar case last week, an Iowa nursing home was fined $10,000 for declaring a patient died when she was actually alive. A funeral home worker opened the body bag containing the 66-year-old woman and found her “gasping for air.” He called 911, and the victim was transported to a nearby hospital, where it was confirmed that she was breathing but unconscious. She was returned to hospice and died two days later, surrounded by family members.

More than eight years ago, a 3-year-old girl from the Philippines returned just before being buried in her coffin after being declared dead. It was her parents who saw before burying her that the girl was shaking her head, and it was at that moment that the miracle was presented in front of everyone.

In 2021, Srikesh Kumar, 45, an Indian man who lives in New Delhi, became a true legend when his body was sent to perform a necropsy required by law after suffering a motorcycle accident and waking up at the morgue. He also spent 6 hours in a freezer.