Francisca Lachapel shares photos of her honeymoon in Greece

Dominican presenter and former beauty queen Francisca Lachapel has finally found time to celebrate her honeymoon and enjoy, at the same time, a well-deserved family vacation.

Through her Instagram stories, her followers and other curious people learned that she, her husband Francesco Zampogna, and their son Gennaro traveled to Greece and are staying in a comfortable hotel.

At the moment, it is unknown what the family’s exact location is or the name of the hotel where they are staying.

Although those details are not available, thanks to some photos and videos shared by the presenter, it is possible to see that the place where they are staying has an impressive landscape and several amenities.

Lachapel first posted a video in which she is seen sitting on a swing decorated with some flowers in front of the pool. From that spot, the Dominican not only has a view of the pool, but she can also see the sea.

In this publication, she wrote: “Officially on vacation or honeymoon… should I call it that? In the next pictures, you will know why I ask”.

The presenter wonders if she could call them honeymoon because not only she and her now husband are there, but also their little son Gennaro, so it could be considered more of a family vacation. Even before traveling, she had shared a video commenting that she didn’t know whether to go with her son or not.

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She then posted several photos where she is seen enjoying a beautiful landscape, posing alone and accompanied by her love. She also shared a photo of Gennaro sitting on big chairs and drinking water.

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From what can be seen, the hotel has a private beach with seating for its guests to feel comfortable, enjoy the sun, and relax.

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It should be remembered that Lachapel and Zampogna married in May of this year and celebrated in style in La Romana, Dominican Republic. However, they had not yet been able to take their honeymoon due to work commitments.