A 19-year-old student from Freeport, Long Island, was stabbed and killed by his roommate in England

A teenage college student from New York was stabbed to death in the United Kingdom. His friend and roommate was arrested as a suspect.

Sachin Hawkins, a 19-year-old college student originally from Freeport, Long Island (NY), tragically lost his life in the United Kingdom, where he was studying. The incident, which has left his family and community in shock, involves the arrest of his roommate, Syed Hussain-Kazi, on suspicion of murder.

Hawkins, an aspiring special education teacher, had moved to England last year to pursue his studies at Hull University. His dream was to make a significant contribution to the education field, a dream cut tragically short. In an emotional statement to NBC News, his mother remembered him fondly: “He was a special boy. He had a lot of love in his heart.”

The Arrest and Investigation

The suspect, Hussain-Kazi, 24, was apprehended on Thursday, a day after the crime, following a swift and extensive search by the police. The shocking nature of this crime is compounded by the fact that the suspect and victim were not only roommates but also friends.

The victim’s mother expressed her disbelief and confusion over the incident, stating, “I’m totally confused. I haven’t reached the anger phase. I’m just wondering: why, what happened…what triggered it?”


Community and Police Response

In the wake of this tragedy, the UK police and Hawkins’ community in Long Island have shown tremendous support. His mother noted, “We’ve had a lot of support from neighbors, from family members. From people I didn’t even know.”

Chief Inspector Jayne Goodens, addressing public concerns, stated, “It is thought to be an isolated incident between two people, who it is believed knew each other, that took place inside a property. We do not believe there is any major risk to the public.”

The Way Forward

Currently, the Hawkins family is seeking assistance to bring their son’s body back to Freeport for cremation, following Hindu rituals. This tragic event has not only affected the Hawkins family but also cast a somber mood over both communities across the Atlantic, united in mourning the untimely loss of a young man with a bright future.