A 9-year-old Afghan girl is sold by her father because they did not have enough to eat

An Afghan girl was sold by her father so she could eat.

Photo: AREF KARIMI / Getty Images

The sale of children under 15 is prohibited in AfghanistanHowever, the practice has become more common due to the economic crisis suffered by the inhabitants of the most rural areas.

CNN released the story of a 9-year-old girl who dreamed of being a teacher, but whose dreams were interrupted by the hunger that her family lives; they had to sell it.

My father sold me because we have no bread, no rice, no flour … He sold me to an old man ”, was the statement that the aforementioned chain collected from the little Afghan Parwana.

The man who bought it Qorban, is 55 years old and offered $ 2,200 for the girlNot everything was in cash, one part was paid with land and the other with animals.

Parwana’s father revealed that for years they have lived in a camp for displaced Afghans in Badghis province, in the northeast of the country, and their economic situation has not been the best for years.

According to the family, money problems have been constant in his family, but they worsened with the departure of the United States troops and the arrival of the Taliban to power.

The crisis that this particular family is experiencing led to the father of a family to sell to another of his daughters, a 12-year-old girl …

A human rights activist in the province, Mohammad Naiem Nazem, revealed to CNN that the sale of minors has been growing: “Day by day the number of families that sell their children increases. (The) lack of food, of work… The families feel that they have to do this ”.

The buyer, Qorban revealed to the network that Parwana was not bought for marriage, because he already has a wife who will take care of the little girl.

Parwana was cheap and her father was very poor, he needed money. She will work at my house. I will not hit her, I will treat her like a member of my family, ”said Qorban.

A video that was presented by the same chain shows the exact moment in which Qorban takes the 9-year-old girl, who, beyond going in search of a better life, is reluctant to leave her home, while her buyer uses force to lead the girl to her car.

Meanwhile, Parwan’s father makes a tearful plea to Qorban: “This is your girlfriend, please take care of her, now you are responsible for her, please don’t hit her.”

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