A ball to the neck of Ricardo Ferretti unleashed the Brazilian’s anger: Gerardo Lugo tells the details of Tuca’s unforgettable anger [video]

Photo: JUAN MABROMATA / Getty Images

Ricardo Ferretti is one of the most explosive coaches in Mexican soccer. El Tuca is really a character on and off the pitch. In 2014, the Brazilian coach was the protagonist of a big tantrum towards his players. That video went around the world. After almost ten years, Gerardo Lugo explained the reasons for that iconic Ferretti tantrum.

“Nobody has told the true story”, This is how former Mexican soccer player Gerardo Lugo began with his story. The midfielder relived that scene in an interview for the TUDN Free Kick program.

“Prior to this quilombo that was put together, one of the kidsof the young people who went up to the preseason, throws the pass and hits him in the neck; he (Tuca) had his back; When he hit him, the boy froze, began to tremble and Tuca just turned to see him and made an angry face at him, and he didn’t say anything to him, ”said Lugo.

What seemed to be a simple complaint about the volley definition of the Tigres de la UANL players, It was the result of annoyance due to a ball receivedalthough also a product of the lack of direction in the shots.

That’s where it started, you saw him upset. Follow the game, the training. But it wasn’t out of the blue he already brought a good madrazo“, he recalled.

El Tuca got the worst of his players

The way of being of Ricardo Ferretti can generate major discrepancies in templates. One case almost reached the extreme when Israel Jiménez was close to going to blows with Tuca.

“I had not yet arrived at the club, but there is the story that Israel Jiménez was going to come to blows with Tuca; They grabbed him, but he had already left at the time to want to hit him, ”Lugo revealed.

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