A blast from the past: Karol G shares never-before-seen photos from high school

Relive Karol G's adolescent memories with 10 rare photos shared on Instagram. Fans react with love and admiration for the Colombian singer's natural beauty, despite criticism on her recent photoshopped campaign with Loewe.

A person discovered Karol G’s Facebook account during high school and started sharing photos on social media. Instead of causing trouble for “La Bichota,” the experience brought back fond memories, and she even decided to share the pictures on her Instagram account.

In a gallery of 10 photographs, the young Karol G can be seen in various moments of her adolescence: wearing dark glasses and bangs, being a DJ, enjoying a house of terror, about to kiss a real toad, and even with a bottle in hand and enjoying a party.

“Someone found my Facebook from when I was in high school that I didn’t even remember existed and started sharing the photos, haha QuE ChImBaAAa (That’s how I wrote on Facebook) The real TBT,” commented the famous Colombian singer when posting these photos that quickly surpassed 4 million likes on Instagram.

The comments were not long in coming. Fans of the interpreter of ‘Provenza’ loved that she shared these photos with them and did not hold back their opinions on the matter. “The coolest thing is that beyond the hair color and perhaps the countenance that changed a little OBVIOUSLY by the years, you’re STILL THE SAME !!!! I love your naturalness”, “Take to take those who say that you have is pure surgery look because even the teeth are natural,” “I am 100% fan of this post,” and “These photos are very old school, I love them.”

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These photos of Karol G’s youth come a few hours after ‘La Bichota’ premiered her first ad campaign with Loewe. There she posed from various beach locations and was criticized because those images had, according to her followers, aesthetic retouching, which she strongly rejected when they were applied in GQ magazine.

“These photos are just as edited as the others @karolg take the pictures with your iPhone,” “That photoshop if he liked, “And you’re not retouched in any of those photos, that’s your natural beauty?”, “I still see the same face of the previous cover, and your face is thin, weird!!!! Easy Photoshop or bichectomy with a face slimming” and “Sorry, but this photo has Photoshop,” she was told.