A Border Patrol tactical team was ordered to stop before engaging the gunman from Uvalde, Texas.

Members of the Uvalde Police Department prevented federal agents from entering earlier.

Photo: ALLISON DINNER/Getty Images

Border Patrol Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement were able to enter the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, while the shooter Salvador Ramos was shooting at students and teachersbut members of the Uvalde Police Department prevented it.

The above was revealed by two officials informed about the situationwho detailed that federal agents arrived at the scene sometime between 12:00 pm and 12:10 pm, much earlier than previously reported.

But they did not enter the adjoining classrooms of the school where Ramos had locked himself up until shortly before 1:00 p.m.

The new details revealed deepened the questions about the tactics used to respond to the shooting and the time it took for officers on the scene to put an end to the massacre that killed 21 people, 19 children and two teachers.

According to one official, who like the other spoke anonymously to discuss an ongoing investigation, said when they arrived at the place they found a scene of chaoswhere people were pulling children out of windows, while local police, carrying only pistols and a few rifles, tried to secure a perimeter.

Also, he said that the federal agents did not understand why they were allowed to wait. Finally, the specialized team of the Border Patrol was the one that entered the school.

Texas police have said the armed 18-year-old was holed up in a pair of adjoining classrooms and had already shot multiple students there within the first few minutes; with him immobilized there, Initially elements focused on evacuating students and teachers from other parts of the school.

State officials commented that initially they had tried to enter the classroom, but backed off after Ramos shot themwounding two policemen.

The official stated that the federal agents had come from the border with Mexico. He also said officers were unclear why their team was needed and why the local SWAT team did not respond.

Most of the 21 victims died where the killer locked himself up. Salvador Ramos died after being fatally shot by the federal team that entered more than an hour after the initial 911 call.

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