A boy murdered his own mother with a firearm

A child of just 3 years opened fire on his own mothertaking his life this Wednesday afternoon, the authorities are still investigating the case, since the events were witnessed by the minor’s grandmother.

The South Carolina police office reported on social networks that the little boy took the gun shortly before 8:00 in the morning and shot his mother, identified as Cora Lyn Bush, when the shots were heard, the child’s grandmother He approached and saw the woman dying on the ground.

Although the mother was able to survive and reach a hospital alive, on the night of the same Wednesday she died at 33 years of age, the police took clues for the investigation that is still ongoing.

Guns in America

A boy murdered his own mother with a firearm Minors have committed the most violent acts

Alarming figures have been released after the recent attacks in USAsince it indicates that there is 120 firearms for every 100 Americanssince citizens have over-purchased weapons in recent years as evidenced by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

This amendment dates from 1791has sown the fear that a foreign power would try to invade the newborn country, so since then the fact of carrying weapons is something that is not questioned, since they live prepared to face this type of event, despite the situation has out of control and we have seen racial, homophobic attacks, among other reasons that have moved minors and adults to commit homicides and shootings.

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Gun Victims in the US

Minors have committed the most violent acts

According to data collected from the Gun Violence Archive more than 300 mass shootings have been counted as of early July. Of those shootings, 15 involved four or more fatalities, including Monday’s in Highland Park. The group recorded 692 mass shootings last year, of which 28 had four or more fatalities, reported American Post News.

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