A car bomb explosion near Timba’s police station reignites terrorism fears in Colombia’s Cauca region

The Colombian Prosecutor's Office dispatched a team after the Cauca bomb blast; FARC and ELN activities raised regional tensions in Colombia.

In the quiet town of Timba, located in the Cauca department of Colombia, the lingering shadow of terrorism was brought to the forefront once more. A car bomb detonated near a local police station, marking yet another act of violence in a region that has seen its share of unrest.

Local reports, including coverage from the renowned newspaper El Tiempo, reveal a grim aftermath. The explosion resulted in the death of at least two individuals, with numerous others sustaining injuries. The blast’s impact didn’t stop there, causing significant damage to a nearby medical center, several residences, and a school.

While authorities are still piecing together the specifics, the involvement of particular criminal factions remains a topic of speculation. Notably, the vicinity is a stronghold for Jaime Martínez, a known member of a FARC column. However, clarity on whether he or any affiliated member played a role in the attack remains elusive.

The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office, in response to the incident, announced via social media their decision to dispatch a specialized investigative team. Their aim: “to attend the urgent acts that allow clarifying the case.”

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“Through social networks, several videos are circulating showing the wounded on the floor still unattended, as well as the general chaos caused by this terrorist attack.”

The situation in Cauca is fraught with tension. Reports from EFE highlight that factions of the Central General Staff (EMC) in Cauca, particularly those under Jaime Martinez, have escalated their offensives. This surge in violence has left communities like Timba living in palpable fear. Last week, FARC dissidents launched attacks on police stations in several municipalities, including Buenos Aires, Suarez, Mondomo, Cajibio, and Jambalo. In one extreme incident, they even opened fire on army helicopters.

However, the narrative in Cauca isn’t limited to FARC dissidents. The National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrillas also have a presence in the region. Intriguingly, the government maintains a bilateral ceasefire with the ELN and is currently negotiating peace with them.