A child under 14 years of age arrested in Texas for shooting at a taquería where three Hispanic teenagers died

Police have yet to determine why the teen fired the shots – Photo: Laura Buckman / AFP / Getty Images

Police in the city of Garland, Texas, arrested a 14-year-old boy accused of shooting four teenagers, killing three of them in a taqueria of a service station, while another was injured, local authorities reported.

The Garland Police Department released video of the teen shooting inside a Texaco station facility Sunday night, Fox 4 reported.

According to a police report, the suspect came from a van and walked to the front door to open fire. He fired around 20 shots at the store where the victims were located and then returned to the van.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner first identified one of the victims as 15-year-old Ivan Noyola. They later revealed the identity of the rest of the deceased as Xavier González, 14, and Rafael García, 16.

Garland Police Chief Jeff Bryan testified that the 14-year-old victim was in the wrong place, asking for tacos for his family when he was killed.

In addition, Bryan said that investigators are still trying to determine the reasons that led to the shooting.

“It is difficult for me, for my officers and for my community, because we want to know why we don’t have an answer, because we are trying to understand this, and we still don’t understand it. But we have work to do,” he added.

The only survivor was a 15-year-old store clerk who started working at the taqueria last week, Bryan reported.

Rodolfo Quevedo Sánchez, owner of the taqueria, told Fox 4 that he received a desperate call from the employee who told him that he had just been shot.

“The guy said, ‘Oh, you have to come here quickly,’ and I said, ‘Okay, I’ll be there in ten or five minutes; as soon as possible’. But when I arrived, the police were there”, said the owner of the taqueria. “I am afraid, because we work here as a family. I’m sorry this happened. I apologize to the victims. I am very very sorry“.

For now, Garland police are asking citizens to help identify another person of interest in the video being handled by authorities. It could be the driver of the truck, and they asked anyone with key information to call the department.

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