“A colleague shot him,” they filter audio of a policeman making shocking confessions in the Octavio Ocaña case

Almost two weeks after the tragic death of Octavio Ocana, the police continue to be singled out by many people as responsible for what happened and now supposed audios were revealed of what appears to be a conversation between uniformed men talking about the moment of the persecution and how the events would have occurred.

A first voice in the recording asks: “Hey, like that, here between us, Your companions did fly to that Neighbors hill, right? They farted, they felt it was the mere mafia and they had to blow it up ”.

The response obtained ensures that Octavio Ocaña would have gone to buy drugs: “For me it was a vice. I tell my wife that this neighborhood is fine to fuck * and that wey got into a truck and they didn’t rent him, so there were two of them, or he knew the good guy from the place or he was a good customer or that day he went crazy ”.

Soon one of them confesses that it was an element that shot against Octavio Ocaña, ending his life and that, in effect, the scene was disguised.

“They were only going to stop him, but he didn’t stop and They say on this side that a colleague shot him and when he got nervous he began to move the scene, that was when he adjusted the gun and it was when they took the photos, it was said that it was the fault of a colleague ”, he revealed.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Mexico, the actor died from a gunshot to the head of a weapon that was inside the vehicle and that was detonated during the persecution in circumstances that are still confusing for many.

So far, the veracity of the material is unknown, but it is even the family itself who has also blamed the police and if this information is true, they would have enough elements to find those responsible and thus do justice to Octavio as they have already done. made known on different occasions demanding further investigation.

According to the magazine TVNotas, in order for the series of alleged irregularities to be clarified, Ocaña’s remains could be exhumed.

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