“A comedian has more enemies than a criminal”: Platanito lashed out at his haters

the clown said that he will continue with his jokes (Photo: Instagram @platanitoshow)

The controversial clown Platanito had a serious picture of Covid-19 in 2020 and a year later he is ready to give live shows again, but cautioned that the content was not for everyone.

It was through an interview with TV and novels where the clown mentioned that in recent months he had to do other kinds of things to get money.

“I resumed my career as a DJ; music has been for me an impressive escape, a relaxing one. Music is doing very well for me and I am forming a new project called Platanito DJ that is working a lot. I am a person who cannot be still and who tries to do things differently; taking up music again, which is also something that I am passionate about ”, he expressed.

However, Platanito did not leave his controversial comments and, regarding his face-to-face return to comedy shows, he stressed that he would change the meaning of his jokes.

“I tell that crystal generation once and for all that they don’t even go to see the show. They are not invited, it is not for them, it is not for sensitive peopleIt is aimed at people of mind, “he began to say.

Platanito Show COVID-19 economic crisis
Platanito had to sell some of his belongings to face the economic crisis due to COVID-19 (IG: platanitoshow)

A comedian now has more enemies than a criminal, a murderer or a rapist. Sometimes they are even seen as idols and comedians, who only want people to laugh, we make enemies.

In the same way, he delved into the fact that he has felt censored on several occasions, because his sense of humor is not accepted by several people.

Many times I have engaged in self-censorship. There are things that I think and do not say, comments or opinions that I prefer to keep silent, “he said for said medium.

In a recent interview with Yordi Rosado, the comedian Sergio Verduzco, better known by the stage name “Platanito”, he relived some of the biggest controversies of his career and confessed that he received death threats after the “joke” about the fire that occurred in the ABC nursery in Hermosillo, Sonora, in 2009, where 49 children died and 106 were injured.

Karla Panini Platanito
the comedian will return to live shows (IG: platanitoshow)

During an interview with Yordi PinkPlatanito explained that at the time the “joke” went viral, he had already been using the joke as part of his comedy show for at least two years. However, when the number caught the public’s attention, he had no idea of ​​the threats he would receive.

“One morning, Yordi, suddenly … mothers,” Platanito narrated in the video available on Yordi Rodado’s YouTube channel. “They speak to me at six in the morning: ‘Hey, they’re talking about you on social media. You just told a good bastard joke, what’s going on? ‘”.

Platanito confessed that at that time he had no idea of ​​the weight that social networks could have on his career: “At that time I did not even know how to say it, if ‘traing toping’ or ‘trendin topin’, nor did I know the word. But at that time It was the most talked about news in the world, not only in Mexico”He continued.

“They send me to talk about Televisa and they ask me ‘what did you do?’, And I, ‘I didn’t do anything’. ‘That you told a joke’ (…) I didn’t tell it on TV, I told it in a theater and they already showed me the video. Turns out it was a smokescreen and, from being the most loved clown I became the most hated clown in the world”, He counted.


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