A company offers employment to visit motels on US beaches: what is it about

Some of the beach motels where the lucky one wins the place are in San Diego, California, and Miami, Florida.

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An online reservation company opened a job for a professional traveler to visit motels on beaches in the United States, with a monthly salary of $5,000 dollars.

The job that seems like a dream, and more so now that there are still a few breaths left for summer, was opened by the company Hotels.com, as part of a labor experiment to verify that these types of stays are still attractive for vacationing.

The job was defined as Retro Beach Moteliera kind of sommelier, but of trips to the beach in a retro mode, as explained by the company in a statement to publicize the job position.

“Our Retro Beach Motelier is willing to demonstrate that beach motels can be just as luxurious as all-inclusive resorts“said Melissa Dohmen, a spokeswoman for Hotels.com.

The essence of the job, according to Hotels.com, is that the selected person visits a list of 10 beach motels in different parts of the country to vacation in the style of the 1950s.

The 10 beach motels the next Retro Beach Motelier will visit

1. Waikiki Village Retro Hotel, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

2. Purple House, Islamorada, Florida

3. Sound View Greenport, Greenport, New York (Long Island)

4. Parker Beach Lodge, South Yarmouth, Mass.

5. Vagabond Hotel, Miami, Florida

6. Cambria Beach Lodge, Cambria, Calif.

7. The Montauk Beach House, Montauk, New York (Long Island)

8. LOGE Westport, Westport, Wash.

9. The Pearl Hotel, San Diego, Calif.

10. Lincolnville Motel, Lincolnville, Maine

“These timeless motels are not only affordable, but literally and figuratively transport bathers back in time to really unplug and relax,” Dohmen added.

The list of hotels was defined through the ratings that the guests who visited them made on the reservation site, based on their ratings on its general design, the cost of reservations per day and its locationaccording to the press release.

A salary of $5,000 for traveling

The traveler who becomes a professional of the beach motels in the United States will receive a monthly salary of $5,000 dollars, according to the offer published by Hotels.com.

In addition to the monthly salary, the one chosen as Retro Beach Motelier also will receive an additional payment of $10,000 with which you can cover the costs of your trips.

According to the company, the chosen one will experience stays that are as similar as possible to what tourists lived more than 70 years ago in this type of hotel, with sunscreen, striped umbrellas, vintage-style sunglasses and even a radio of AM/FM.

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