A drawing discovered the abuse that two children had done to their partner in Bogotá

The He drew of a short from 10 years revealed the abuse he suffered from two of his classmates, while he was at the school of Bogota.

According to the minor’s mother, she found out what had happened from a He drew that he did to them at school, it was then that “the social worker of the school He calls me to inform me. What I tell them is why didn’t they call me the same day he did that He drew”.

When he found out what had happened, he questioned the teachers “they didn’t know about those different behaviors, I asked for psychosocial help because my son had lost his father a year ago.”

He added that “the day he was abused, he left home and this raised alarms among us because his behavior was aggressive, he was always brave, angry, and I spoke to her (the social worker) again and told her I said ‘something is going on and I need your help’”.

Then he said that his son was abused by two students in the school bathrooms.

“They intimidated him with a knife and if they found him in the corridors they intimidated him with a knife,” he said.

the mother of little boy abused said the Ministry of Education and the Attorney General’s Office “They have been trying to contact me, but that has been since yesterday (Wednesday).”

“They called me yesterday, but this is not from a single call. Accompaniment is when you are aware of my son calling, do everything you have to do, ”she stressed.

The mother of the minor allegedly abused by two classmates in a school in Bogotá said that her son “is stable, but he does not talk about it.”

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Juan Manuel Castellanos, a criminal lawyer, explained that when the crime “is committed by a minor under 13 years of age, no legal consequences will be generated.”

He added that in the penal system for adolescents, the maximum sanction is “the internment of this person in a specialized pedagogical center.”

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