A dress of mirrors and many bare spaces. This is how Khloé Kardashian and Manelyk González dressed

Many believe that this design: mirrored dress, looks much better to Khloé Kardashian than Manelyk González. They both wore a similar design, only Khloé’s was sleeveless, otherwise they both appeared to be naked under this dazzling dress.

In the case of Mane, what he did not like is that the garment was no longer attached to his silhouette, which in itself has the right curves to make it stand out. While Khloé did know how to take advantage of this daring garment, because in fact she knew how to highlight all its attributes.

But even though Mane does not achieve equal to the impact of Khloé with this design, he did manage to conquer Sebastián Yatra on the red carpet of the People’s Choice Awards where he was presented. They saw each other, greeted each other, took a picture together, several actually. And when he had to sing, the Colombian dedicated a few, several, seconds of his attention to the girl who took second place in La Casa de los Famosos.

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