A haunted Ouija board and the unexplained death of paranormal investigator Elias Samael

Mexican Elias Samael buys an antique Ouija board, experiences paranormal disturbances, and meets a tragic end documented on TikTok.

Fear, a universal emotion, has long served as the muse for countless books and films, offering thrill-seekers a safe environment to experience terror without truly facing the shadows of another plane. Yet, for some, these fictionalized scares are insufficient. Their curiosity, insatiable, spurs them to perform ever more extreme acts in the pursuit of proof that tales of ghosts and demons are indeed real.

A case in point is Elias Samael. Since childhood, he was drawn to the uncanny, intrigued by his grandmother’s stories of the supernatural. His fascination didn’t just stop at bedtime tales, however. As he matured, he found himself delving deeper into the arcane, studying and researching paranormal phenomena to the point of becoming an expert. His peers found his preoccupation strange, but Elias was unconcerned. He felt an intimate connection to the spiritual world and saw this path as his destiny.

His case was shared through different videos where he himself tried to find another explanation for it. Photo:TikTok/@glucosaelevada
His case was shared through different videos where he himself tried to find another explanation for it. Photo: TikTok/@glucosaelevada

A cursed Ouija board started the suffering

In one of his many explorations into the esoteric, Elias stumbled upon an antique Ouija board for sale. An inexplicable bond pulled him towards it, and he purchased it. From the moment he brought it home, he was beset by eerie visions and nightmarish dreams. Despite these harrowing signs, Elias was undeterred. He used the board in an attempt to commune with otherworldly entities. This quest, however, led him to a point of no return.

Armed with his curiosity, Elias embarked on a dark ritual to open the portal to the spirit realm, documenting his actions on his TikTok account. No one believed the incantations he uttered would have any effect. Yet, following the rituals, a malevolent entity seemed to invade his space. Elias turned to his online followers for help, seeking advice on how to halt the entity’s attacks. His pleas were met with escalating phenomena, including disturbing bodily convulsions captured on video.

In his house you could see different altars where Elias performed the invocations. Photo:TikTok/@glucosaelevada
In his house, you could see different altars where Elias performed the invocations. Photo: TikTok/@glucosaelevada

In these chilling videos, Elias can be seen entering a trance-like state, his voice morphing into an inhuman scream. It was as though the entity he had summoned was attempting to take control of his body. As time went on, Elias began to exhibit significant personality changes. He grew more and more obsessed with the messages conveyed via the Ouija board, and his work life was disrupted by sudden apparitions of faces and hands—a sign that the entity’s influence was growing stronger.

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Despite the increasing frequency of strange phenomena—knocking sounds, moving objects, severe convulsions—Elias persisted in his attempt to banish the entity. His followers could only witness his ordeal through his live broadcasts, observing the toll it was taking on him. His fatigue was evident; it seemed that he was running out of options.

The convulsions left him more and more exhausted and he could no longer find a way out of it. Photo:TikTok/@glucosaelevada
The convulsions left him more and more exhausted, and he could no longer find a way out of it. Photo: TikTok/@glucosaelevada

A demonic entity ended Elias’ life.

In one of the final records before his untimely death, Elias told his followers he was seeking particular items that could help break the curse he had inadvertently activated. However, during one recording session, the altar holding the Ouija board was sent flying, leaving behind an ominous energy. Drained and desperate, Elias decided to perform a ritual to close the portal that the board had opened.

Venturing to a nearby forest, he set all the objects associated with his haunting alight, hoping that this would bring him peace. Tragically, a few days later, his lifeless body was discovered, leaving his followers in shock. Many concluded that it was the malevolent entity that had caused Elias’s demise.

It is not known exactly what caused Elias' demise. Photo:TikTok/@glucosaelevada
It is not known exactly what caused Elias’ demise. Photo: TikTok/@glucosaelevada

Today, Elias’s TikTok account remains active, maintained by a close friend who was familiar with his predicament. This friend continues to post videos that Elias had left behind. Rumors persist that the entity which claimed Elias’s life is still present on this plane. As such, viewers are cautioned against watching these videos. After all, no one knows if the entity could latch onto another unsuspecting viewer.