A key decision: Conmebol eliminated the “away goal” in all its competitions

In Montevideo the champions of the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana are defined.

Photo: PABLO PORCIUNCULA / AFP / Getty Images

While in the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) are getting ready to organize the final of the Copa Libertadores, Conmebol surprised everyone by announcing this Thursday that it eliminated the rule of the famous “away goal” in the next competitions that bear its stamp.

Both the South American soccer organization and its president Alejandro Domínguez reported on twitter about the decision taken for the next year of competitions.

“CONMEBOL eliminates the“ away goal ”. From now on, all the goals of the CONMEBOL tournaments will have the same value, it will no longer be considered as a tie-breaking factor the many converted as a visitor. With this, it points to greater sports justice “, they wrote on Twitter

The away goal rule is to give the team that scores the most goals as away goals a slight advantage to advance in a heads-up round trip. If the score was 3-3 on aggregate, the one who scored the most away goals has the right to advance. Example: 1-1 in the first leg and 2-2 in the second leg, the one who scored the two goals as a visitor is the one that advances.

This was the system of competitions in South America and in much of the world. Now Conmebol joins the decision also made by UEFA on June 24 to eliminate the away goal in their tournaments.

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