A lightning bolt of change: Eduin Caz covers Daisy Anahy’s tattoo amid relationship turmoil

Although Eduin Caz assured that he would win back his ex-wife, he has already erased the tattoo he got in her honor.

Once more, Eduin Caz is causing confusion. You see, the vocalist of Grupo Firme recently stated that he was fighting a little to win back his wife and the mother of his children, but it seems he has changed his mind.

Eduin Caz becomes the 24-year-old Christian Nodal, covering up the tattoo he got in honor of Daisy Anahy, the same way the Sonoran had covered his Belinda dedication shortly after separation.

Fans are noticing that Eduin Caz, 28, covered up the name of Daisy Anahy, which was engraved in red letters some time ago on his neck. In its place today, he sports a black lightning bolt.

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Eduin Caz covers up his tattoo in honor of Daisy Anahy (@chamonic3 / Instagram).

Unconcerned, the singer recorded a brief Instagram story where his neck is exposed, and it is more than evident that the name of the 29-year-old mother of his children is no longer there.

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Eduin Caz covers tattoos in honor of Daisy Anahy (@eduincaz / Instagram).

When did Eduin Caz erase the tattoo in honor of his wife?

Of course, Eduin Caz has not said anything about it; however, studying his most recent photos, we notice that the lightning bolt tattoo is as recent as a week ago, and the singer still had Daisy Anahy ‘s name engraved on it.

When the vocalist of Grupo Firme shared the stage with Peso Pluma, 23 years old, he still had engraved on his skin the one he presumed to be the love of his life.

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Peso Pluma next to Eduin Caz (@eduincaz / Instagram).

Why did Eduin Caz remove the name of the mother of his children?

The reason is not clear, but there are already assumptions. Eduin Caz separated from Daisy Anahy because she got tired of the singer’s infidelities and rumors.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was a conversation that Eduin Caz had with a woman to whom he asked for an intimate photo; messages that Daisy Anahy read, who ended up blocking the woman mentioned above.

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Eduin Caz (@eduincaz / Instagram).

It became clear she would no longer tolerate cheating, so she asked the vocalist of Grupo Firme to separate. He accepted but assured everyone that he would fight to win her back and save their marriage, words that seemed to be a thing of the past.

Covering the tattoo would indicate that Eduin Caz decided and/or resigned himself to take a different path than his ex-partner.

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Daisy Anahy / Eduin Caz (Special)