A man attacks New York T-Mobile manager and throws a trash can through the front door and window in Upper West Side, Manhattan

The man lost his mind while arguing with the manager of the T-Mobile store, located on the Upper West Side, when he hit him in the head and then threw a garbage can breaking the door and window of the store

Two sources reported that the manager of a T-Mobile located on the Upper West Side was assaulted after a man lost his head.

A witness said that the scene occurred at the T-Mobile store at West 77th Street and Broadway around noon Saturday.

According to what a witness told the New York Post, the man lost control while arguing with the store manager and hit him in the head.

“He then went outside and grabbed a metal trash can in the corner and, first, broke the door and then threw it through the front window and the door window,” the woman added.

I am deeply unhappy. Every day on Broadway between West 72nd Street and West 79th, there are homeless people high on methamphetamine and a danger to our seniors and children,” the witness said.

The extent of the victim’s injuries or whether there were any arrests in the matter was not immediately available.

“We are fine. Everyone is fine,” said a T-Mobile employee who answered the phone Saturday afternoon. The employee confirmed that his manager was assaulted and “someone threw a trash can into the store.”

Serious crime in the 20th Precinct was up 17% through Nov. 6, 2022, according to police data.

The NYPD did not provide details about the event.

Windows Broken at T-Mobile @CitizenApp

229 W 77th St Yesterday 1:16:39 PM EST