A man from Elmsford was arrested for loaded weapon and Nazi hate symbols in White Plains

A man was arrested for carrying a loaded automatic weapon and Nazi messages in his car in Westchester. In NYC some 70,000 people have participated in street protests in 19 days over the Israel-Hamas war, leaving 233 arrested.

47-year-old Hani Saleh from Elmsford was remanded into custody after being arrested in White Plains on Wednesday. According to the New York Post, his vehicle displayed anti-Israel messages and Nazi swastikas at the time of his traffic stop. “I was trying to educate the public about the true events of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas,” Saleh told police, as per the criminal complaint.

The prosecutors have revealed that a loaded semi-automatic firearm was discovered under the driver’s seat, leading to his arraignment in White Plains Municipal Court on felony charges of criminal possession of a weapon.

Photographs in the criminal complaint, provided by the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, showed his Volkswagen Passat bearing a Star of David interlocked with a swastika and an American flag altered to include a white Nazi symbol where the 50 stars should be.

Amid Street Protests, Arrests Escalate

As Saleh awaits his next court date on November 2, tension escalates in New York City. Pix11 reports that in the last 19 days, 70,000 people have joined in 110 street demonstrations related to the Israel-Hamas conflict. These protests have resulted in 233 arrests across the five boroughs and 225 citations for disobedience.

Political Figures and Gun Laws

This climate of unrest isn’t limited to civilians. NYC Councilwoman Inna Vernikov was arrested on October 12 for being armed at a pro-Palestine rally at Brooklyn College. “I am here to preserve the safety of Jewish students,” Vernikov claimed. Governor Kathy Hochul weighed in, stating, “New York’s gun safety laws apply to everyone.” She added, “Let me be clear: there is zero tolerance for hate of any kind in New York.”

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Heightened Security and Increasing Hate Crimes

With New York hosting the largest Jewish population outside of Israel, as well as the United Nations, security services are on high alert. Since the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel, the FBI and the NYPD have been vigilantly monitoring social media and other channels for potential terrorist threats.

The city has not only witnessed heightened debates and social media controversies but also an uptick in hate crimes. Anti-Semitic attacks have been predominant since the conflict began three weeks ago, despite reports of anti-Islamic incidents as well, according to NYPD records.

Personal Loss Amid Diplomatic Endeavors

In a poignant twist, Governor Hochul returned last week from a “solidarity” trip to Israel, where she was informed of her father’s natural death in Florida.

Legal Presumptions

While those arrested face serious charges, it is crucial to note that they are merely accusations. All individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.