A man is arrested after several hours of threats against South Dakota police

Alfred Eagle Dree Jr. was taken into custody by Sioux Falls police after several hours of negotiations where the subject threatened the authorities, which had to enter by force to take him to the police station. The 40-year-old man will appear in court to justify the accusations against him.

The story of the arrest of Alfred Eagle began on February 4. A family was attempting to drive out of their North Cliff apartments when another vehicle blocked the parking lot exit. The driver honked at him to make him move, the defendant walked towards them to threaten them with a gun.

Eagle started hitting the family car with a machete. where there were two minors. Those affected made their complaint to the authorities, who carried out their investigations until they found the suspect’s address.

When Sioux Falls police arrived at the address and tried to talk to him, they received only threats. They then tried to make contact through the door of his house, but the man stuck a large knife through the door, perhaps intending to hurt the officers, the Minnehaha County Sheriff explained.

As time passed and no favorable results were seen, since the man remained locked up, heThe officers decided to call a SWAT group to enter the home before the constant refusal of the suspect.

By the time they were already at the police station, It turned out that Eagle Deer has a long history of crimes, some involving drugs and theft.

The residents of Charlotte Ave, where the accused lives, feel calm knowing that the man is already in custody, as they felt threatened every day by his presence.

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