A man murdered and dismembered his wife on their first wedding anniversary

A 41-year-old man murdered and dismembered his wife on their anniversary.

Photo: Vermont State Police / Courtesy

Joseph Ferlazzo and Emily Ferlazzo They completed a year of marriage and so that the date would not go unnoticed, they decided to celebrate outside their hometown and they escaped to Vermont.

Everything was going as planned, until an argument ignited the couple’s spirits And it went to another level, Joseph murdered and dismembered his wife.

According to an official statement from the Vermont State Police, the defendant agreed to have shot his wife, 22, after having an argument in the vehicle where they not only lived, but in which they also traveled.

As is known, while Emily rested, Joseph would have jumped on the bed and then shot him in the head.

After the murder, the accused returned home without his wife, which alerted her parents who immediately notified the police. At that time, the 41-year-old man argued to his in-laws that after an argument, Emily furiously left the place where they were.

When Joseph spoke to detectives, he confessed that he had killed his wife inside the vehicle. in which they traveled.

After a long search, the bus was found by state police and confiscated; inside they found Emily’s body dismembered.

According to WWLP, the defendant used a saw to cut the body of his wife.

Emily’s family told police that they knew there were fights between their daughter and husband, but they never imagined it would be that big.

Until now the authorities do not know why Joseph Ferlazzo and Emily Ferlazzo argued on their wedding anniversaryHowever, they are investigating what would have unleashed the fury of the 41-year-old man.

Joseph is behind bars without bail.

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