A police dog discovered nearly 4,000 kilos of marijuana hidden in pressure cookers in Florida

A German shepherd dog named Kita was key to the find.

Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

MIAMI – Police in Desoto County, Florida discovered with the help of a police dog almost 8,000 pounds (4,000 kilos) of marijuana spread over seven pressure cookers of the kind used for cooking inside a car that was stopped for speeding.

The two occupants of the vehicle, Maykel Capetillo, 40, and Ysabel Betancourt, 50, were arrested and face charges for drug trafficking offenses, since they did not have licenses for the possession of the drug for therapeutic uses, which are legalized in Florida, reported the Sheriff’s Office.

The authorities suspect that the marijuana found came from a grow house.

Desoto Sheriff’s Office Detective Christian Fiend reported that upon opening the trunk there appeared to be no suspicious evidence, but the keen nose of a dog was key for the officers to get the pressure cooker with the drugreported Telemundo.

Agents said it is the first time they have found marijuana in pressure cookers and that they work well to prevent it from being discovered by the smell. but not so much as to go unnoticed by the dog Kita, a German shepherd trained to detect drugs.

When checking the trunk, the dog’s reaction triggered the alarms of the police who had stopped the driver of the vehicle for driving too fast on a highway.

Under a blanket were the seven pots of the drug, which would have reached a street value of about $ 14,000.

“She (the dog) showed physical changes, she stood next to the pots and caught our attention”said Christian Friend, a detective with the Desoto County Sheriff’s Office.

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