A powerful storm from the Pacific will hit the West Coast causing heavy rains and gusty winds

Stormy weather will bring rain and even snow in Great Lakes regions.

Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

After a week with a mild climate and some occasional rainfall, the West Coast will face a storm coming from the Pacific starting Monday night. Meteorologists predict that the following days will affect the northern Great Plains, part of the Midwest including the Great Lakes, drenching them with water, snow and causing strong winds.

California, Oregon, Washington and Southwest Canada will experience the storm coming from the Pacific first hand. With him will bring rains north of the Rocky Mountains overnight Monday and Tuesday morning.

After passing the Rocky Mountains, the stormy weather will combine with the cold wind north of the Great Plains, which will cause that, with the passing of the days, the rain turns into snow in some while it approaches the Great Lakes.

“The weather associated with this storm will also affect the eastern plains and the Mississippi Valley around the middle to the end of the week,” said Paul Pastelok of AccuWeather.

The expert also indicated that storms could occur in Iowa and North Texas, where rains and lightning are not ruled out for Wednesday morning.

Stormy weather will cause winds of more than 60 miles per hour east of the Rocky Mountains beginning Wednesday. Areas like Rapid City will suffer those winds in the middle of the week, then it will be up to North Platte, Nebraska, to witness the ranching winds.

“While the greatest threat from these southern Midwest storms will be gusty winds, we still cannot rule out the risk of hail and tornadoes in addition to heavy rains,” said AccuWeather meteorologist Matthew Rinde.

By Veterans Day, rains and strong winds are expected to hit the Mississippi and Ohio valleys. The center of the storm is expected to linger over the Midwest through Friday. For what they recommended to residents of the Midwest, the Great Lakes, and the eastern Great Plains be alert for the weather conditions during this week.

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