A prisoner threatened and took a female doctor hostage to ask for a criminal change

A nurse was used as a hostage to a convict in a Dominican Republic prison.

Photo: Daniel Pockett / Getty Images

The Penitentiary Management Model (MGP) of the Dominican Republic announced through an official statement that Cabral Guzmán attacked his person and caused several lacerations in his arms to be able to leave his room and put the local police on alert.

As it has transpired, barricaded himself inside the cell where he was and threatened another prisonmate which is in a nearby area.

After the act, the surveillance personnel called Dr. Nancy Brito who was on duty to treat the wounded man.

After leading the convict by a security ring to the medical area and leaving it in the hands of the doctor, He took advantage of the fact that Nancy Brito was in search of the correct tool to cure him when he took her by surprise with a pair of scissors that were in the place to threaten her.

“At one point, the intern held the medical professional and threatened her with death with a stick his security personnel did not leave the place, “says the statement.

They also highlighted that Nancy Brito handled the situation through a harmonious dialogue with his kidnapper who asked for a change of prison.

It also transpired that the inmate, Jefferson Cabral Guzmán, took her cell phone from the doctor and started calling her family, as well as claiming the presence of members of the press.

The police did not take long to control the situation, however, in the attempt the convict tried to attack the surveillance agents with trophies that he took from the compound office.

Cabral Guzmán now He not only faces a charge for aggravated robbery and other crimes, but he faces a new accusation for kidnapping against the prisoner of liberty.

Fortunately, the professional Nancy Brito left the place unharmed thanks to the fact that the prisoner took the act calmly and the authorities reacted in a timely manner to the call for help.

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