A reporter strips live to see if it is more economical to shower with a partner

The European energy crisis is causing governments to implement various measures to solve this problem. Recently, the Swiss Minister of the Environment made a controversial recommendation: showering as a couple to save energy and water.

To test its effectiveness, a reporter from Spain did not hesitate to carry out a peculiar experiment during a live broadcast.

Manu Lajarín, a journalist for the television program Cuatro al Día, appeared on screen with his naked torso to test whether fewer resources are consumed by showering with a partner.

“What one has to do to earn one’s bread,” began saying the communicator, whose act went viral on social networks.

In the images, he can be seen entering a shower with a friend, who helped him by pouring the water and putting soap on him.

Viral video of the reporter who took a shower in the middle of the office

According to Lajarín, a five-minute shower in Spain represents 60 to 105 liters of consumption. After sharing this data, the reporter’s companion admitted that the initiative was quite “uncomfortable.”

Although it is not confirmed whether bathing as a couple is more economical, the peculiar scene has generated many reactions among Internet users.

“Poor little guy… seriously. He didn’t decide that. And I can’t even imagine my embarrassment”; “If I have to do it myself …. Another person doesn’t get in the shower”; “Electricity and fuel are more expensive than ever,” they wrote.

Why there is an energy crisis in Europe

Europe’s energy crisis is deepening as Russia further limits natural gas exports, forcing governments to spend billions of euros on protecting businesses and consumers from skyrocketing bills as the region slides into recession, CNN notes.

European benchmark natural gas prices soared 28% to €274 (US$272) per megawatt hour on the first day of trading after Russian energy giant Gazprom indefinitely halted flows through the vital Nord Stream 1 pipeline, claiming it had found an oil leak in a turbine.

Moscow’s decision not to reopen the pipeline stoked concerns that the European Union could run out of gas this winter, despite a successful effort to fill storage tanks. Similar fears in the United Kingdom caused natural gas wholesale futures to raise their prices by more than a third.