The Death of Édgar Isabel Román Martínez, AKA “El 22,” Sinaloa Cartel Operator in Guamúchil

"El 22", a key Sinaloa Cartel figure, dies in a clinic shootout after a tragic misunderstanding, sparking cartel-wide mourning.

Amid a swirl of rumors and uncertainties, the life of Édgar Isabel Román Martínez, commonly known in the underworld as “El 22″ or “El R22″, came to a tragic and convoluted end. As one of the pivotal figures of the Sinaloa Cartel, his demise has become the epicenter of myriad speculations.

A Life in Shadows

Despite largely avoiding the limelight, “El 22″ held the reins as a plaza boss in Guamúchil. Preliminary investigations suggest he was an integral part of Los Chapitos’ operations. Born in Badiraguato, Édgar Isabel’s early life was shrouded in as much mystery as his eventual death.

A Fateful Night at the Clinic

The series of events on September 28 that led to “El 22″’s death began with him receiving treatment at the Culiacan Hospital Clinic after a gunshot wound to the head. The Sinaloa prosecutor, Sara Bruna Quiñonez Estrada, offered brief statements that shed light on the harrowing episode.

During his stay, two armed individuals arrived at the hospital to settle “El 22″’s medical bill. However, the clinic’s guards, who had been ordered to provide protection to the cartel member, mistakenly believed these men had come with malevolent intent. This tragic misunderstanding triggered a violent confrontation.

Los Chapitos sent flowers to the funeral of "El 22" (Photo: Twitter @LAMERAVRG_13).
Los Chapitos sent flowers to the funeral of “El 22” (Photo: Twitter @LAMERAVRG_13).

In the chaos that ensued, one of the men who had come to pay the bill was killed. Another armed civilian and internist Otniel Everardo Montoya also tragically lost their lives. Amid the crossfire, “El 22″ was injured and promptly transferred to the General Hospital’s emergency section with assistance from the State Police.

A Last Struggle and End

However, the drama didn’t end there. At the General Hospital, “El 22″ grappled with a police officer in what appeared to be an attempt to escape. A struggle for the officer’s weapon resulted in a fatal gunshot wound to “El 22″’s abdomen.

Mourning a Cartel Leader

The depth of “El 22″’s influence within the cartel became evident during his funeral. Key figures of Los Chapitos, specifically Ivan Archivaldo and Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar, paid their respects by sending wreaths. Narcocorrido singer Panchito Arredondo, known for his music that references the Sinaloa Cartel, also paid tribute with flowers.

Additionally, whispers within the community suggest that prior to ascending the ranks in Guamúchil, “El 22″ served as a bodyguard for Rafael Caro Quintero, further emphasizing his entrenched roots in the world of organized crime.