A tourist from Chile died in Hawaii after accessing an area restricted to hiking

A 28-year-old Chilean woman died in Hawaii after crossing a forbidden island area as a hiker.

The woman perished last weekend after hiking in Wailua Falls in Hawaii, United States. The Chilean Foreign Ministry is currently working to repatriate her remains.

Last Saturday, a man who had accompanied the woman informed the authorities and other hikers that the young woman had been missing for two hours. The warning gave rise to an operation to search for her.

The search found the young woman Nicole Chavez, 28 years old, unconscious. According to Hawaii News Now, firefighters had to perform a maneuver to recover the victim’s body.

According to T13, the Chilean Foreign Ministry informed that “the Consulates in Los Angeles and Honolulu are making the pertinent arrangements and coordination regarding the unfortunate death of the Chilean national.”

Local media have reported that the authorities do not suspect the participation of third parties in the victim’s death. However, they emphasized that access to Wailua Falls is closed for hiking and that several signs are warning about this situation in this area.

The local authorities continue to investigate this event to clarify all the causes of the death of the young Chilean woman.

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls is a waterfall located on the island of Kauai and is divided over 24 meters, although others say it is more than 50 meters. Different productions have used the place as a location for feature films and television programs.

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The falls are where the Wailua River splits into two streams before falling into a natural pool, making it a tempting attraction.

In 1970, Wailua Falls served as the setting for the Fantasy Island series, and many years ago, this place was used by men who jumped from the top to show their virility. Today this would not be allowed by the authorities.