A tragic accident claims a 5-year-old child’s life during Xochitlán Todos Santos parade in Puebla

Five-year-old boy dies during Independence parade in Puebla; separate accident injures ten near Independencia Market.

A tragic incident overshadowed what was meant to be a festive day in the municipality of Xochitlán Todos Santos, Puebla. The town’s traditional parade, commemorating the 213th anniversary of Mexico’s Independence, took a somber turn when a five-year-old boy lost his life in an unfortunate accident.

The parade, hosted in the Historic Center, saw enthusiastic students from the “Chichén-Itzá” Kindergarten joining the celebrations atop their floats. They were accompanied by their teachers, ensuring their safety and enjoyment. Tragically, as a particular float hit a bump, the young child was thrown off, only for his head to be crushed by a trailing trailer tire.

(Foto: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)

Witnesses were swift to respond, rushing to the boy’s aid and bringing the parade to an immediate halt. Paramedics present at the scene attempted first aid, but the severity of the boy’s injuries — a profound skull fracture — left him unconscious. He was promptly taken to the Centro de Salud de Servicios Ampliados (Cessa) in the municipality of Tochtepec. Sadly, upon arrival, the medical staff could only pronounce his death. Both the municipal police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office were informed of the incident.

The Secretary of Education of the Government of Puebla confirmed the parents’ presence during the distressing event, stating:

“Despite the efforts of the staff and medical teams, the student lost his life while being transferred to a hospital. The dependency expresses its most sincere condolences to the affected family and stresses that it will follow up on the event.”

In a subsequent gesture of respect and mourning, the City Hall of Xochitlán Todos Santos announced the suspension of the Grito ceremony in the main square. Their statement read:


“The H. Ayuntamiento de Xochitlán deeply regrets the event that occurred during the parade and joins the grief that overwhelms the Vázquez Merino family and our community.”

Another unsettling incident south of Puebla

In a separate incident on the same day, a motorist caused panic and injury when he plowed into a group of people waiting at a public transport stop near the Independencia Market, situated south of Puebla. A shocking total of ten individuals were injured, among which were two minors.

Footage from a surveillance camera detailed the horrifying event. The truck driver, after leaving the market, seemed to lose control just meters ahead, crashing directly into the bus stop where several bystanders were present.

The aftermath was chaotic. The injured lay sprawled on the ground while quick-thinking witnesses detained the driver, who faced potential mob justice. Fortunately, officers from the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana de Puebla intervened promptly, ensuring the driver’s arrest. He was subsequently taken to the municipal transit facilities in Rancho Colorado.

While paramedics from the Municipal Civil Protection and Mexican Red Cross tended to the injured, four were found to be in critical condition and required hospitalization. The Secretary of Public Safety will soon release further information regarding the driver’s fate.