A warmer and drier winter is expected in some areas of the United States, NOAA reported

According to NOAA, parts of the southern United States will experience a notable drought.

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With the eve of what will be the beginning of the winter season, USA It will have some variants, mainly influenced by the expected drought conditions, and which could be warmer than in previous years, as predicted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

In accordance with NOAA, the outlook for winter is that parts of the American Southwest will face drought conditions in the coming season that will begin in December and culminate in February.

Likewise, the agency predicted that there will be a warmer and drier winter than usual in the south of the country, in addition to higher humidity than usual in the Northwest Pacific and North of the American Range in the Rocky Mountains.

Nevertheless, NOAA expect cooler and wetter conditions in northern parts of the United States, but the country would have drier and warmer conditions in much of the south, aligning with the climate pattern of the phenomenon The girlCNN reported.

The most affected region according to what is foreseen by NOAA it would be the southwest due to the drought, and in the winter this area could see these effects with greater notoriety.

States like California could face their driest year in nearly a century, and the statewide drought emergency remains latent. More than 90% The American West maintains dry conditions, either extreme or exceptional.

Only in the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountainss in the north will present colder climates, depending on NOAA, and in southern areas of the country such as Midwest, Ohio Valley and the East Coast they will have a warmer winter than normal.

“In the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, the Upper Midwest, and Hawaii there should probably be an improvement in the drought.”, manifested Jon gottschalck, representative of the NOAA Climate Prediction Center.

The agency emphasized that in areas such as New England, Midwest, and the Ohio Valley there will be more humidity than normal, and they stressed that the phenomenon The girl would significantly affect the drought.

“There tends to be below normal rainfall along the southern strip of the US, and with that being the expectation of what we are favoring in prospects, we expect it to continue to persist in many places in the Southwest”Gottschalck said.

Although these are forecasts, in the winter of 2020, the year in which The girl, the expected climates were aligned with the most characteristic expectations of this phenomenon, which are colder and more humid in the southern area of USA; however, in some places the forecast did not work.

On TexasFor example, the reality in the winter was different, because despite the prediction of a climate with temperatures above the average, it ended with a freezing and low temperatures that broke records in the southern plains of the state.

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