“A warrior”: Emir Pabón makes an emotional presentation of his baby, Matías de Jesús

“A warrior”: Emir Pabón makes an emotional presentation of his baby, Matías de Jesús

Emir Pabón and his wife, Stefanía de Aranda.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency

After fighting for his life for just over a month, the baby of Stefanía de Aranda and Emir Pabón He is already at home, so the singer did not hesitate to show off his happiness with an emotional video shared through social networks, with which he finally introduced his first child.

With a moving video posted on his official Instagram profile, the vocalist of the Cañaveral Group confirmed his great joy at being able to have his son at home, who was born on July 31 and will be named Matthias of Jesus.

“I want to present to you my son, what I always dreamed of with the love of my life, my wife, a great miracle of God’s love. A warrior who has already left the hospital who is already here in a house and that my wife and I are excited to be able to hold him. I want to introduce you to the warrior Matías de Jesús ”.

Along with the recording that was taken up by other profiles within the same social network, the singer ended with a kiss, in addition to pointing out that his first-born is a very grateful and beautiful baby.

While, during an interview with the program ‘De Primera Mano’, the couple shared the most difficult moments they have had to overcome as a family, from the spectacular accident they suffered, as well as the moments of anguish that Stefanía experienced during childbirth.

“The most magical and miraculous thing is that you have to trust God because he exists, he is present. To me In the operating room, it was bad for me at the time of the cesarean section I had the pressure at 180/140 and I came to nothing to convulse. They gave me the raquea, it did not affect my left side, I felt a lot of pain, They had to give me general anesthesia, they intubated me. It was a process that at that moment I said that I don’t know if I’m going to get out of here, what was going to happen to the baby. I was very excited to hear him cry. They were very difficult moments in which you fill yourself with faith“Said Emir Pabón’s wife.

Regarding the complaint against a taxi platform and the driver who caused the traffic accident on June 14 when they were traveling on a highway in Houston, Texas, the couple indicated that in the next few days they will have a meeting with their lawyers to know the progress of the case, but they emphasize that all they want is justice to be done.

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