A woman from South Carolina accompanied a friend to buy a lottery ticket, she also took one and won $ 300 thousand

The odds of winning the $300,000 prize in the game called ‘Carolina Gold 100x’ were 1 in 900,000.

Photo: Robson90/Shutterstock

A South Carolina woman won $300,000 in the lottery and, although she wanted to scream with excitement, she couldn’t because of the shock of the good news. The woman had decided to accompany a friend to the store, since she wanted to buy a ticket for the Powerball drawing.but she did not expect that she would be the big winner.

Once you were in the store, The woman decided to buy a ticket for herself, but instead of Powerball she bought a Scratch-Off. Upon scratching it, it appeared that she had a prize of $ 300 thousand dollarslottery officials said.

“You would think I would be jumping around screaming, but I couldn’t. I was in complete shock,” the lucky woman said, according to The News & Observer.

“The winner said that she plans to share the prize money with friends and family. She bought the winning ticket at the Garden Spot store at 1913 Cedar Lane Road in the city of Greenville.

The store received a $3,000 commission just for selling the ticket..

The odds of winning the $300,000 prize in the game called ‘Carolina Gold 100x’ were 1 in 900,000. There are no more jackpots left, so the game is over.

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