A woman’s mouth is so big that it breaks Guinness records, she can put two McDonald’s hamburgers in it

Samantha Ramsdell is a 31-year-old American who has gone viral on TikTok for her huge jaw and has achieved the Guinness record for being the woman with the largest mouth in the world.

Sam is a Connecticut woman with a great sense of humor and used to be a comedian. He became known on TikTok when he started singing and doing comedy, but it was his mouth that caught the eye.

The record holder confesses that although in the past she used to feel insecure with her mouth, has now become a quality about herself that she learned to appreciate, embrace and accept.

Samantha can put in her mouth a whole green apple, an orange, two cheeseburgers or a large box of McDonald’s fries, among other large foods.

From an early age, Sam knew he had a big mouth, reveals that the other children made fun of her and called her “the girl with the big mouth”, among other names. He also remembers that his big smile was always a landmark in his childhood photos.

Things started to change when Samantha decided to go on TikTok to entertain herself and keep her creative mind. The boys asked “what happened to his face ?!” When the woman revealed her huge mouth, her popularity grew, reaching 1.7 million followers.

It was precisely the followers on TikTok who convinced Sam that he could reach a world record and thanks to this he was encouraged to apply to Guinness World Records.

“Getting a Guinness World Records title shows some of those who doubted or tormented me that hey – I have a big mouth, but at least I have the biggest in the world!Samantha said.

To check the size of Sam’s mouth, in the presence of an official member of the Guinness World Records, dentist Elke Cheung used digital calipers to calculate the length and width and determine its maximum stretch. The mouth of the famous TikToker is managed to extend 6.52 centimeters.

The woman with the largest mouth in the world has a message for people who have a large or unique body part, and who want to go for a record: “Do it with pride and make it your greatest pride. It is your superpower, it is what makes you special and different from everyone out there. “

Samantha hopes to one day have her own show and use her humor, wit and singing as part of her routine.

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