A woman’s panty becomes the highlight of Arcángel’s recent performance

Arcángel humorously handles a fan's thrown panty, sparking diverse reactions and lively discussions on social media platforms.

In a performance that was as surprising as it was controversial, Latin singer Arcángel recently experienced a unique moment with his fans. While performing his classics, he was the recipient of an unusual gift from the audience.

Austin Agustín Santos, more popularly known as Arcángel, had a memorable night during his concert. Lately, artists have often found themselves assaulted by fans who throw objects on stage, with some sustaining injuries. However, for Arcángel, the experience was vastly different. Mid-performance, the artist was thrown a woman’s panty, which took him by surprise. Instead of ignoring it or throwing it back, he decided to hold onto it, even taking a moment to smell it, a gesture that led to a mix of laughter and cheers from the audience.

“I have to have a drink for this, really. Mommy, did you put some perfume on it, because this smells really bad,” he began, addressing the audience. Pausing his performance, he jokingly emphasized, “I didn’t even want to keep singing, I want to keep smelling this panty.” He then sang the lyrics of his song “a long time ago,” dedicating them to the thrown garment. The unusual act was not only caught by those present but was quickly shared across various social media platforms, generating both amusement and debate.

Social media buzz

Users of social networks were quick to react. While many found it amusing, speculating that the entire episode might have been pre-planned, others hoped that it was genuinely a woman’s undergarment. Some of the reactions included:

  • “Keep throwing thongs, panties, bras, that don’t hurt them.”
  • “Hopefully it wasn’t a modern woman who threw it.”
  • “That smell men like. Rich smell.”
  • “That’s the right reaction.”
  • “Arcángel being Arcángel… I liked his reaction.”
  • “Let’s hope they are from someone born a woman.”
  • “Now everyone will throw her tights.”

Many women on social media seemed to appreciate the singer’s unrestrained reaction, viewing it as a sign of his authenticity and acceptance of natural body odors.