A young woman asks her boyfriend to marry her, the moment is viral

Breaking all paradigms, a young woman asks her boyfriend to marry her. The video was broadcast on Telemundo television, and later they looked for the couple who went viral because her girlfriend asked her boyfriend to marry her and kneeled in front of everyone.

According to the television the moment happened in the Dominican Republic but the moment has accused so much sense that it went viral even outside that country.

The program Rojo Vivo looked for the young couple and interviewed them.

A young woman proposes to her boyfriend

Breaking stereotypes, a girl asks her boyfriend to marry her.

When the young couple was interviewed, Jessica Moreno said that she had days of planning on how to request her boyfriend and after much nervousness and anxiety, she succeeded.

The proposal was in a shopping center, where the young woman told her boyfriend to go look for her in a shopping center because she felt bad and, in the middle of the shopping center and, in front of the crowd of people, Jessica knelt and told him: “Manuel, do you want to marry me?”

The boy burst into tears and hugged her after giving the “YES” with many people recording around him.

The young Dominican said that “things are the way they are, and that is why I knelt down” while being asked about why she knelt.

The video largely went viral because the girl knelt down to her boyfriend to propose.

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Excited boyfriend for a marriage proposal

The groom said it was an act of bravery on his girlfriend’s part to propose.

“I thought it was an act of bravery,” said her boyfriend, Manuel, who did not mean anything bad, on the contrary: “it meant an act of courage,” despite the fact that many were not in favor of what Jessica did.

It turns out that the couple is well known in the Dominican Republic because they are emerging artists of urban music. Both live their love to the fullest and will continue working on music.

The couple will collaborate with Tokischa, Secreto, Leo RD, and other Dominican artists. It is worth mentioning that although the young woman asks her boyfriend, the young people, and upcoming artists, they still do not have a date for her marriage but will continue to provide music and love.