Young woman will be Angela’s competition

  • Pepe Aguilar signs a new young singer to his music industry
  • Will it be the competition of your daughter Ángela Aguilar?
  • “It is a great pride for us to be able to sign you”

Pepe Aguilar signed singer Irany. Just a few days after turning 18 years old, Ángela Aguilar receives some surprising news from her father Pepe. Through the years the Aguilar family has been characterized by being extremely talented in the field of singing and several members have proven it.


The renowned regional music singer, Pepe Aguilar, has become a trend on social networks, since a video appeared on networks where he is signing a new young musical artist to his music industry. Followers immediately wonder if he was sabotaging his own daughter?

Pepe Aguilar signs a new singer

Pepe Aguilar signature singer Irany

It should be remembered that Angela has had pros and cons in her short career that have made her mature a lot despite the fact that she is only 17 years old. One of the worst moments was when she was harshly criticized for the intonation of the national anthem in a Canelo Álvarez exhibition.

At only 17 years old, the daughter of the grupera music singer Pepe Aguilar is the sensation in the world of music and has conquered millions of people for her great talent in singing and in addition to her great beauty that she constantly boasts on social networks. such a young age, could it be that they are about to replace her?

Pepe Aguilar signs singer Irany: “It is a great pride to be able to sign you”

Pepe Aguilar signs singer Irany: "It is a great pride to be able to sign you"

It was during a press conference where Angela Aguilar’s father is clearly seen, along with another young singer, signing what appears to be a contract to be part of Pepe’s company, the same one to which Leonardo and Ángela belong. It is worth mentioning that this industry is focused on the Mexican regional genre, according to the Heraldo de México.

“It is a great pride for us to be able to sign you and hopefully we can do what corresponds and what you deserve to take you to the next and next level”, you can hear Pepe say those words to the new member of his music industry, together with them his wife Aneliz was also there.

Pepe Aguilar signs Irany singer: Machin Records Pepe’s company

Pepe Aguilar signs Irany singer: Machin Records Pepe's company

This music industry that bears the name “Machin Records”, has been characterized as “an Independent Record Label, which despite having very little time of its creation; It already has in its history two artists nominated for the Latin Grammy and even one for the American Grammy, adding other recognitions to which his talent has been credited ”, mentions his website.

In this company there are also, as has already been said, Ángela Aguilar and her brother Leonardo, who have shone so young in the world of singing. Even on its Internet portal Machin Records it only focuses on the Mexican regional genre, which aims to make its singers grow.

Pepe Aguilar signature singer Irany: Who is this new singer?

Pepe Aguilar signature singer Irany: Who is this new singer?

The new member of the Machin Records industry is a 17-year-old girl, the same age as Angela, whose name is Irany. In social networks they mention that this talented young woman is a multi-instrumentalist singer, since she dominates several musical instruments, which led her to sign with Pepe.

Irany was born in Mexicali Baja California, Mexico and has excelled in the field of music at such a young age, participating in different reality shows such as “La Academia Kids” and “La voz Kids. On his YouTube channel he has been characterized by making several recognized covers and has made an impact with his beautiful voice.

Pepe Aguilar signs singer Irany: Angela Aguilar’s competition?

Pepe Aguilar signs singer Irany: Angela Aguilar's competition?

The young singer Irany has very similar features to the youngest of the Aguilar, in addition to being the same age, with this firm she has managed to make her leap to fame, since her number of followers has increased in a short time. She even shared on her Instagram profile how excited she was to be part of the record label family.

“The beginning of my musical career! Dreams do come true, we continue preparing to be able to reach the heart of each one of you with our music! Grateful with the Aguilar family, with all its work team, with my beautiful family, and with each one of you for always believing in me, “he wrote on his social networks.

Pepe Aguilar signs singer Irany: Ángela Aguilar impacts with her figure

Ángela Aguilar shows off her waist

A few weeks ago, after being compared to Chilindrina at the Premios Juventud for the dress she decided to wear at the gala, Ángela Aguilar reappeared on social networks to captivate her fans by showing off her wasp waistband that she has left with her mouth open to his followers.

On this occasion, the young singer Ángela Aguilar has left her followers with their mouths open on her Instagram profile, when she appears posing before the camera showing off her waist, wearing a very low-cut top. This drew praise from her fans who were amazed by the statuesque figure of the artist.

Wasp waistband

Ángela Aguilar boasts a waist: Wasp waistband

Pepe Aguilar’s daughter constantly boasts her beauty and great talent on her social network profile, pleasing her followers, who in such a short time has exceeded 6 million. Being one of the artists that has had the most reproductions in her recently released hits.

In her last post, the young woman shared an image where you can see the talented singer sitting in an armchair with her hands on her head, showing off her waist in a sensual way with a low-cut white top and yellow pants, accompanied by a black hat. that makes it look spectacular.

Rain of compliments

Ángela Aguilar boasts a waistline: Rain of compliments

Ángela Aguilar has been characterized by her relentless taste for fashion, in each publication she wears an outfit very much in keeping with fashion. He has even been showing great progress in his figure, since he is a fairly disciplined person in the field of exercise, which is reflected in his body.

Internet users immediately did not hesitate to react to the post of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, where compliments and compliments were present in the comments, praising the 17-year-old, since she has been known to win the hearts of her followers, for such motif has an immense amount on its profile.

They tell you that you should lighten your armpits

Ángela Aguilar boasts a waistline: They tell her that she should lighten her armpits
Instagram photo Ángela Aguilar

Previously a few months after turning 18 years old, the singer Ángela Aguilar, who is the daughter of the also singer Pepe Aguilar, appeared as Selena with one of her emblematic costumes on her social networks, but something goes wrong and users discover a detail. in the armpits.

It is well known by many of the fans of the singer of songs like There they see me and Tell me how you want, who has great admiration for the Queen of Tex-Mex, so she does not hesitate to look like her at the least possible opportunity. Thus he has appeared in several of his presentations also singing his songs.

“Old nose”

Ángela Aguilar boasts a waistline: "Old Narizona"
Instagram photo Ángela Aguilar

And when you would think that congratulations would rain on the young woman by paying tribute to Selena with one of her most remembered outfits, someone dared to tell her: “You should lighten your armpits”, while someone else said: “It’s like kissing Pepe Aguilar in a feminine thong, but Versace is worth it ”. Despite having millions of followers around the world, Ángela Aguilar is not saved from criticism from some users and more so when she has ‘dared’ to perform songs by Selena, who was murdered on March 31, 1995.

“And she says she doesn’t want to look like Selena Quintanilla”, “You’ll never be like Selena Quintanilla, she did have real charisma, old nose”, “It’s not authentic”, “Even the dance steps of her song are the same as Selena does ”,“ Basically, her ‘career’ is based on her father’s fame and copying Selena’s personality ”.