Criminal arson attack claims eight lives at Toluca’s Central de Abasto

Monday morning, July 10, at least 8 people were reported dead in an early morning arson attack at the Central de Abasto in Toluca.

This morning, July 10, a fire was reported at the Central de Abasto de Toluca in the State of Mexico, allegedly set by an armed group. According to preliminary reports, at least 8 people have died in the fire in Nave H of the Central de Abasto; 4 others are known to be injured.

Authorities of the State of Mexico cordoned off the area to carry out the corresponding works and prevent unauthorized people from entering.

Armed group sets fire to premises in Central de Abasto in Toluca; 2 minors killed.

An armed group entered Toluca’s Central de Abasto during the early hours of July 10 and set fire to a store in the area known as “La Isla” (the island).

The fire left 8 people dead, two of whom were minors.

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Fire in the Central de Abasto in Toluca (@JesusAnayaMx / Twitter)

It should be noted that the fire was caused by an explosion at gate 7 near the vegetable sales area of the Central de Abastos de Toluca located in the State of Mexico.

According to the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, one of the lines of investigation considers that an organized crime group caused the fire.

It should be noted that the fire was located in the Delegation of San Mateo Otzacatipan Toluca-Naucalpan highway, where Toluca firefighters arrived after the fire was reported to extinguish the flames.

Firefighters find charred bodies; the injured are transferred to hospitals

The first reports highlighted that the fire department found 8 burnt bodies and 2 seriously injured, a figure that later increased to 4.

So far, the injured man has been identified as Enrique Enriquez Prospero, who was taken to the Adolfo Lopez Mateos Hospital along with the rest of the injured.

For its part, the Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Mexico began the removal of evidence for the investigations and the removal of the bodies to be taken to the Forensic Doctor for the autopsy.

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Fire in the Central de Abasto in Toluca (@JesusAnayaMx / Twitter)

Violence in Toluca: appears hanging on Paseo Tollocan bridge

This is not the first violent event registered in Toluca during July because even though 10 days have passed, several acts of this nature have been reported.

On July 5, a body was found hanging on a pedestrian bridge in Paseo Tollocan, Toluca.

It should be noted that this body was found dismembered in a bag with a narco message near the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico.