About 10.6 million citizens live with an undocumented person in the US, reveals study

About 10.6 million citizens live with an undocumented person in the US, reveals study

The study further revealed that more than 22 million people live in mixed-status households in the US.

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NEW YORK – Some 10.6 million Americans live with an undocumented immigrant, according to a new study released this Friday by the organization FWD.us, which considers that the data shows that Congress has the “urgent” task of supporting families united with a path to citizenship.

The study further notes that more than 22 million people live in mixed-status households, which means that there is at least one undocumented person, green card holders or other legal temporary immigrants.

“This means that more than one in 20 people in the United States lives in a mixed-status household,” the organization, created by technological leaders in favor of a new immigration policy, said in a statement.

He emphasizes that Congress has before it an opportunity, “which occurs once in a generation,” to approve immigration reform, which would open the path to citizenship for millions of immigrants, including young people who arrived in their infancy and protected by the Deferred Action (DACA), beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and essential workers.

“Congress must repair our immigration system bankrupt now, ”he affirmed, thus joining the claim of other organizations that believe that the time to act is now and that the Democrats have the power to achieve it.

The FWD.us analysis further indicates that nearly 5.8 million child citizens live in households in which one of their members is undocumented.

Also, close to 1.7 million U.S. citizens have an undocumented spouse.

Pathway to citizenship would boost the US economy

It also indicates that if undocumented spouses and parents are provided a path to citizenship, they could earn up to 58% more after paying their taxes.

This would add An additional $ 59 billion to the economy each year and an additional $ 16 billion in federal, payroll, state and local contributions, the report indicates.

California, Texas, Florida and New York they are the states with the highest number of US citizens living with undocumented immigrants.

“In addition to the economic benefits that a pathway to citizenship would provide, we have a moral imperative to keep mixed-status families and all undocumented families safe and together. A path to citizenship through Congress is the only solution, ”FWD.us lead demographer Phillip Connor said in the statement.

Senate Democrats defend this Friday the route they have devised to pass an immigration reform aimed at giving a Pathway to Citizenship for Millions of Immigrants and they do it before the Senate “parliamentarian”, Elizabeth MacDonough, in charge of interpreting the rules of the legislative process.

Democrats believe that all the requirements are met to approve immigration changes alone through a process known as “reconciliation” and that allows a budget law to be carried out in the Senate with a simple majority of 50 votes, instead of the 60 that they are normally needed.

Democrats want use the “reconciliation” mechanism because they do not have 60 supporters: they hold a narrow majority of 50 seats, although they could reach 51 with the backing of the vice president, Kamala Harris, who serves as president of the Upper House.

However, they do not have any support from GOP senators, who for decades have opposed passing immigration reform.

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