Abu Dhabi GP: Verstappen’s words after being Formula 1 champion

Max Verstappen is the famous Dutch Red Bull racer, who was recently proclaimed Formula 1 world champion for the first time, after winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the Yas Marina circuit.

This after in the last lap that was solved in a crazy and exciting way after an unexpected accident and the entry of the Safety Car. Verstappen, 24, who started from pole, became the first driver from the Netherlands to win the World Cup.

It should be noted that this Dutch racer Max Verstappen is the first to do it with a Honda engine since he did it for the last time in 1991 and with a McLaren the Brazilian myth Ayrton Senna, who won three World Cups for Brazil.

The first words of Max Verstappen

The first words of Max Verstappen Verstappen recognizes how difficult to win

After being the Formula 1 champion, the Dutchman’s first statements after getting out of his car was: “It’s incredible for me. We were fighting the whole race, I even have a blister here, I just realized. It is extraordinary what the team did… ”.

“I want to thank Honda who gave me the material to do it, it is something incredible.”

In addition the champion Max Verstappen complemented: “I adore my team and I have told them that I could be with them and do this for 10 consecutive years. It’s incredible, I’m extremely happy because they had the confidence to have me in the team ”.

As if that were not enough, the Red Bull driver stressed that what happened was really crazy: “Since I was little I wanted to be an F1 driver, win and be on the podium, but when you are up here and they tell you that you are world champion it’s something amazing”.

Verstappen acknowledges how hard to win

Verstappen acknowledges how hard to win

The 24-year-old runner explained that he is very special for his father, for what they have lived and all the years they have traveled together: “I want to thank my family, my best friends, those who encouraged me to be here today. … I lost my voice, this is really crazy, it feels fantastic ”.

“Obviously I was nervous, but in the race you want to do everything right. I did the whole race and never stopped pushing and sometimes miracles happen ”.

He also explained before acknowledging the greatness of his rival: “It is incredible to have beaten Lewis, he is a great driver and competitor. Surely next year we will meet again and we will try to do it again ”.

It should be noted that the renowned Lewis Hamilton led the test until, with five laps remaining, the accident of Canadian Nicholas Latifi (Williams) caused the safety car to enter the track. The race was relaunched in the absence of a turn; and Verstappen, with a fresher tire that he had taken advantage of to put with the entrance of the ‘safety car’, overtook the seven times world champion and secured his first title.

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