Accident on the Mexico-Querétaro highway causes road chaos

A new accident It happened during the early hours of this Friday, November 26, in the Mexico-Querétaro highway which caused road chaos for several hours.

The tragedy occurred around 6 in the morning, when two trucks collided on Federal Highway number 57, at the height of Parador San Pedro, in the direction of San Juan del Río.

At the accident site in Mexico-Querétaro, a truck was projected by reach against the dry box of another, the driver being injured, so the emergency bodies came to the scene to rescue the operator of the heavy unit.

Mexico-Querétaro highway was closed for several others after an accident

Access at km 150 + 000 of the highway (1720) is now free again / Photo: Twitter Two crashes were experienced this Friday on the highway / Photo: Twitter

Faced with the incident on the Mexico-Querétaro highway, access to the km 150 + 000 highway (1720) Heading to Mexico City, for several hours, because the trailers occupied two of the three lanes causing road chaos this morning.

Elements of the National Guard went to the place to learn and flag the area and prevent more accidents; Furthermore, it was recently reported on the Guard’s Twitter account that The road has already been liberalized after the investigations.

Two accidents were registered today in Mexico-Querétaro

Two crashes were experienced this Friday on the highway / Photo: Twitter

Despite the tractor-trailer tragedy, it was not the only one that was experienced this Friday in Mexico-Querétaro, since it was also a crash was recorded at kilometer 80 heading to Mexico City this afternoon.

According to the first reports, a trailer crashed with two vans that were close at the height of Santa Ana Atzcapotzaltongo; until the moment of writing this information in The Truth News, no injuries are reported, but vehicle traffic has been affected again.

Due to the accident on the Mexico-Querétaro highway, emergency bodies, ambulances and paramedics were transferred to attend to people traveling in private vehicles, so the road chaos will continue this Friday in the area.

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