Accused of child pornography for sharing photos of his ex-girlfriend in Yucatán

A 17-year-old boy was charged with child pornography after he was reported for sharing intimate photos of his ex-girlfriend with his friends in Yucatan.

He is a 17-year-old boy identified by the initials IADJ, who will face justice after He released a video with intimate photos of his former romantic partner once they ended their relationship.

It is worth mentioning that the ex-girlfriend turned out to be a minor and as soon as the mother of the young woman found out about the cowardly action of the young man, filed the corresponding complaint.

For its part, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), through the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Justice for Adolescents, made the imputation of the minor.

Accused of child pornography

The minor will remain at CEAMA. The mother of the minor filed a complaint.

Because the victim is a minor, the young man is accused of the crime of child pornography and a precautionary measure of preventive internment was imposed on him at the Specialized Center for the Application of Measures for Adolescents (CEAMA).

According to the investigation folder, in March 2018, the accused had a sentimental relationship with the victim, at which time video – recorded intimate images on two occasions, The same images that were shared with friends of the young man once their relationship ended.

The mother of the minor filed a complaint.

It should be remembered that in the country there are laws that protect the integrity of women in the event that intimate sexual material is disseminated without the consent of the people, which are classified as the crime against sexual intimacy, such is the case of the ‘Olympian Law’.

However, in this case, he is charged with the crime of child pornography because the victim is a minor.

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