Actor Antonio Mauri dedicates award to his lung donors

The actor Antonio Maurireceived the Award + 2022 where he dedicated a few words of thanks who was the donor of the lungs that he received after the consequences he had after COVID-19.

The actor was emotional and proud to carry the lungs that He was given a second chance at life.

How do we share you in AmericanPost.Newsthe actor has proven to be a warrior in the face of the health difficulties he has faced, even the actor had an interview in which Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta broke down in tears as they could not contain their emotion.

Toño Mauri dedicates an award to his lung donor

Some days ago, the actor Antonio Maurireceived the Award + 2021 to which the Mexican actor did not want to miss the opportunity to thank the donor of your lungs during his award speech.

After contracting COVID-19, the actor has suffered a series of consequences due to the virussame as during the award ceremony they made him very grateful for this second chance at life.

After receiving the lungs, the actor was very determined to meet your donor’s familyespecially for show your appreciation for the double lung transplant he received.

The famous Mexican actor assured that the lungs that his donor gave him he wears them with pride and dignity.

What happened to Antonio Mauri?

He had to undergo a lung transplant

During 2020, the actor was infected with the COVID-19 virusdisease that with time would bring strong conditions in your lungsto the point of deteriorating them so much that the only way to savewas through a lung transplant.

Having found a compatible donor for surgery, doctors continued to give the act a second chancer, who according to his family considered that this recovery was a “miracle” for which they were grateful.

“We will always continue to pray for the donor, the sick and all those who dedicate their lives to heal others, they are our heroes”concluded Antonio Mauri Jr.

Since his contagion in June 2020 by COVID-19, the actor remained hospitalized in Miami, Fla.

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