Actor Leonardo García, the Son of the Late Andrés García, Evicted Amid Allegations of Real Estate Fraud

Andrés García's son, Leonardo García, suffers an eviction in the middle of the night after an alleged million-dollar debt.

Mexican actor Leonardo García was forcibly evicted from his luxury Mexico City apartment on Monday morning, claiming to be the victim of an elaborate real estate fraud scheme.

Eviction Conducted Without Warning

According to Instagram videos posted by García himself, more than a dozen police officers broke down the door to his Polanco neighborhood apartment around 10 a.m. and proceeded to remove his belongings without warning.

“I was resting here in my apartment when around 15 policemen came in through the bottom, broke down the door and got in. They didn’t notify me, they didn’t tell my lawyers who were handling this case with my neighbors,” said García.

García alleges the swift eviction is tied to a lengthy legal battle with real estate developer Guillen Rivera over construction defects in the property and disputes the grounds on which he was removed.

History of Repairs, Lawsuits with Developer

The son of famed Mexican actor Andrés García claims he purchased the apartment seven years ago from Guillen Rivera and has had to personally finance repairs to issues like water infiltration and roof leaks ever since. According to his legal advisor, he had already paid 65% of the total cost of the penthouse, or around 5 million pesos (nearly $260,000 USD).

“Guillen Rivera sold him this apartment with hidden defects. It was delivered incomplete, there were problems with the installations, the pumps,” she said in one of García’s Instagram videos. “Leonardo and his neighbors have had to pay out of their own pocket more than seven times to repair the building.”

García and other residents filed lawsuits attempting to recover their expenses from the developer but say their complaints went unresolved.

Leonardo Garcia was evicted.
Leonardo Garcia was evicted.

Developer Allegedly Seizes Property

Instead, Guillen Rivera is said to have suddenly seized ownership of García’s unit this week, retaining the 65% already paid as back payment for “rents owed”—a claim the actor strongly denies.

“I don’t understand how this could happen. I’ve been living here seven years…All the money I paid, we did everything legally,” García said Monday, shaken in the wake of officers hauling his belongings away. “This is real estate fraud.”

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The dramatic incident raises questions over whether other residents purchased units with similar hidden issues or have attempted legal action against the prominent Mexico City developer.

Guillen Rivera has built and sold hundreds of properties across central Mexico over the past 25 years, according to its website. The press attempts to contact the company for comment on García’s allegations were not immediately successful.

García Vows Legal Action Over ‘Farce’

Still locked out of his apartment Monday afternoon, García vowed to call a press conference soon detailing legal action against Guillen Rivera over what he termed a complete “farce” and abuse of the eviction process.

Leonardo Garcia was left out of Andres Garcia's inheritance
Leonardo Garcia was left out of Andres Garcia’s inheritance

He insists a judge never signed off on the eviction notice presented Monday and believes the developer coordinated with local authorities to seize his home improperly.

“This has to go through legal proceedings first before they can kick you out and make a circus spectacle of throwing you in the street all of a sudden one day—that’s unbelievable,” said García’s advisor.

50-year-old García, the only son of Mexican film icon Andrés García, is best known for starring in late 1990s telenovelas like Mi Pequeña Traviesa. He was in the spotlight recently while acting as caretaker for his ailing father, who passed away last month.

The actor had been struggling with his own declining health and finances in recent years, candidly speaking about past issues with alcohol addiction.

News of his dramatic eviction Monday has sparked outrage among Mexican entertainment figures on social media. Longtime García friend Roberto Palazuelos called it “inhumane treatment” given García’s personal circumstances and loss of his father.