Actors in love: Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas share the stage, and their hearts

Like a "honeymoon," this is how Humberto Zurita described the moment he lives in his courtship with Stephanie Salas, in the middle of the comedy tour 'Daddy Dear', in which they work together

The romance between Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas is getting stronger and stronger as the days go by, and they are still together, and what they are enjoying now is like a “honeymoon.”

With those words, the 68-year-old actor described the moment he is living with Luis Miguel’s ex, 53, in the middle of the comedy ‘Papito Querido’ tour, in which they work together.

“We are living a honeymoon,” said Zurita.

Their romance is half a year old, and last February 14, both dedicated their respective love letter to each other through social networks.

“For me, it’s not new that I’m (working) with the person I love. I lived that for a long time with Christian (Bach) because we were acting together, and this time life also brought Stephanie and me curiously closer,” he shared.

“It was Aylín Mujica who played her character, but she got a job and had to leave, and the producer came up with the idea of Stephanie and I getting together, and the truth is that we had a great time. Sharing a job with your partner, and even more so with this type of comedy where you constantly improvise and can fit in well, is a lot of fun.”

When Zurita was asked if he shared a dressing room with the actress and singer, he clarified that he did not.

“No, the women in their dressing rooms, and the men in their dressing rooms so there are no mistakes…Don’t let a child be born on the way,” he joked.

The interpreter of Epifanio Vargas from ‘La Reina del Sur’ fills theaters wherever he goes with ‘Papito Querido,’ a play he directs, produced by Gabriel Varela, in which he plays a woman, and the audience dies laughing.

Whether young or mature, women scream when they see him in the theater.

“Ladies are my target,” he commented with a smile, “I am very happy. I’ve been living outside of Mexico for 22 years, and wherever I go, I’m received with great affection”.

She attributes her success to her work but also to what she has shaped as a person.

“The life we have had, my marriage, how we built a family, and how we all ended up in this: the younger one (Emiliano) is an architect, and the older one (Sebastián) studied business, and finally they are actors and write their own stories, direct and produce them, and have their company Addiction House, so all of that is a gift of life.”

Zurita considered himself privileged to be healthy and to work in what he is most passionate about.